Skiing holiday by Ellie and Mary


Me and Mary’s families all took a joint holiday to Austria. Me and my two sisters had never skied before so we went to the ski school and entered a race. Pippy came 4th out of 10 in her group of little girls and boys, and me and Grace, who were in the same group, i came 4th out of 12 and Grace came 5th out of 12 it was a really ecxiting race! My dad filmed it, also my mum entered a race for her group and came 12 out of 13! She did very well we all got medals. We went back to the apartment feeling very proud of ourselves.

The holiday was great (this is mary speaking now). I did ski school for only 3 days and it was a little fun, but not as fun as the off peice tracks. My mum is very good at skiing, so she didn’t do ski school. When my dad did the ski race he came 13th out of 17 people wich is still quite good. I did a BMW ski race and it was quite hard. I did a ski jump and one of the times i went realy fast down it and i didn’t fall over. My holiday was brilliant!!

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  1. Andrew Pell says:

    Great to read about your skiing holiday on your blog. Question for Mary: Can you take your Uncle Andrew with you when you go skiing next time????

  2. Aaron says:

    i loved reading it and i hope u enjoyed it

  3. Denise Cockburn says:

    Was really impressed with everyone’s skiing on our holiday. What a great time we all had.

  4. mary says:

    please comment on my blog and ask me lots of questions!!!!

  5. Miss Squires says:

    It’s lovely to read about your holiday girls! It sounds as though you and your families all had a wonderful time! It is always good to hear about the fun things you have been doing in the holidays.

  6. Charlotte says:

    glad you have a holiday girls

  7. grace clarke says:

    My sister Ellie and one of my freinds made this skiing blog and i think its EXCELLENT!

  8. ellie says:

    thought i would comment on my own bit that i write read it please

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