My football weekend against Boston Town by Dan Cox


While i waited for the ref to blow his whistle, I shouted “come on wyberton we can win this!” just to boost our conferdence. Like a cars horn, the ref blew his whistle. At the end of the pitch i shouted to my team mate “pass!” so he passed to me and i ran with the ball from the half way line and then the keeper came out to try and get the ball. But i slid to get the ball and i scored, but the ball only just trickled over the line because the keeper came right to my feet.
Like a speeding car,i ran down the left side of the pitch with the ball and i did some skill with the ball. Then I crossed the bright ball in to the box and my team mate headered the ball into the back of the goal.

15 Responses to “My football weekend against Boston Town by Dan Cox”

  1. dan cox says:

    we are doing good in the league and all of are team are good

  2. James '' says '' says:

    I would like to say good work on winning 2-0.

  3. bradley f ! says:

    it was cool ! so did you win against boston then ?!

  4. caitlin says:

    well done mate. goood work

  5. kiya says:

    amazing work cant wait untill i start blogging

  6. Football brain says:

    Did you win or not?..”.?

  7. Miss Squires says:

    Dan, your sentence openers are GREAT! Well done you! Your similes and descriptions paint a brilliant picture, so that we can all imagine being there. Well done you!

  8. Nikki Cox says:

    Brilliant detail Dan, reminds me of the day !

  9. john says:

    do youenjoy it

  10. john says:

    awsome is your team good

  11. mary says:

    it is very good

  12. Miss Hanks says:

    I enjoyed reading about your weekend Daniel. It sounds like it was a very exciting game and you did really well to score a goal. I shall look forward to finding out about your next game, next Monday.

  13. Aaron says:

    I read your blog Daniel I loved it .Also did you win against Boston?

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