My Easter By Charlotte


On the first Week I got five chickens. I named them,
and Shiney
At fist we waited very pashtly for them to lay but they are not meant to lay for 3-4 weeks. On that Thursday we whent to my grandma and granddads. Tt was a 2 and a half hour trip. On the way we got a McDonlads.
That day, at 2.30, my anutie Corina and uncle David came with my 4 month old cousin come called Coaimhe.
We spent the day talking and chaching up with news and gossip. On Easter Sunday we had a family party with some only some of the cousens we have soooooooo many. We all Wattied and watied for the easter egg hunt one of the cousens came with a big pack of mini eggs but he did not know that James and Nichlos are younger cousens were there he thought it was just me and my brother so her put them in the Easter egg hunt and i found them.
The Wednesday after we went home and my grandma came with us. That Friday we got a 8 week old puppy it is a Yellow Labrordor the name it was born with was GameFlight Zoro but we named It Sunny. That day my granddad came he sayed for one night and whent home on the Saturday/ That day my Best friend Issy came for a sleep over and went home Sunday. That was my Easter.

3 Responses to “My Easter By Charlotte”

  1. Miss Squires says:

    WOW new chickens AND a puppy, that is exciting!

    * It sounds as though you had a busy Easter Charlotte. I like the way you used paragraphs to seperate your ideas.
    * Well done for using a complex sentence to present additional information about the time in which you arrived.
    * Well done for remembering to check for capital letters for names – something we have been encouraging the class to remember whilst typing for the blog.

    Wish: to use a : to signify a list.

  2. Courtney says:

    I love the names of the chickens best friend 🙂

  3. amber says:

    I like the vocabulary

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