ellies holiday by ellie and abbie


On the first week of my Easter holiday I went to Golden Sands in Mablethorpe with my freinds Lauren, Annabell, Joanna and Charlie. We did lots of fun activites together. The under 8s did seperate ones to Lauren, Joanna, Grace and me. Lauren, Grace and me did rockclimbing. Joanna me and grace also did aqua jetting.
While Annabel, Charlie and Pippy all did funky lunches and imagine with anxious. We all had a go on the hamster balls where you get inside a collosal ball and run inside like your a hamster. There where discos every night – we attended them all! On the last day we all went to the Seal Sanctuary in Mablethorpe. It was a great day we all had ice creams and went home feeling a bit sad after goodbyes and that was the four days of ellie and her freinds holiday.

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  1. Year5stickney says:

    You always write such lovely comments Lydia, thank you!

  2. Lydia Morton says:

    I absolutely loved what you’ve blogged. It sounded really fun how you described it and you painted the most beautiful vivid picture in my head.

  3. Miss Squires says:

    It certainly sounds as though you have had a fun holiday!
    * You told me about a range of activities you enjoyed.
    * You used commas to signal a list (of names).
    * You included the reader by telling me how you felt when you left.

    Wish: to add more description – you did a lot of activities and I wanted to know more about them!

  4. Jess says:

    Your fun never stopped,and I love the way you say colossal ball.

  5. jasmin says:

    I liked the way that you described the adventures you had at Haven.

    The way that you could improve it is by describe it a bit more.

  6. ellie says:

    we all enjoyed my holiday

  7. amber says:

    I love your use of words

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