A day at white post farm by courtney


Subsequently as we turned up i found a a reptile place which had loads of baby reptiles expecially some spiders. But scrustising around i found a baby lizard ; you could stroke it. The lizard felt like touching pavement which was very dry. As we went back outside, i saw a place which had sheep, goats and allsorts of animals in. But as my cousins went to look what was on the other side of the square a goat jumped up and she was very frightend it made her jump, it was like an illusion. We went to a indoor sledging place and we also could hold a Chick, Mouse and a guinia pig they felt very soft and cuddley. After holding the animals i went to the indoor sledging place and you could go sit on a circle sledge and slide down. I span around loads of times and landed with my back facing the front. I went for a macdonalds and took my cousins home i had a very fun day today.

8 Responses to “A day at white post farm by courtney”

  1. harryp says:

    This is great i love the wow words you have used

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  2. Abbie says:

    I really like the wow wordes that you used like subsequently,cuddley and exsetria and i like your simile

  3. Mrs Newstead says:

    Well done, Courtney, this was an excellent piece of writing. Good use of WOW words and smiles. Keep up the good work.

  4. Miss Squires says:

    * I love the simile you used to describe how the lizard felt to touch!
    * You have used the senses to make the reader feel included, well done.
    * I am very impressed with the WOW words you have used Courtney, hasn’t your writing really improved lately!

    Wish: to aim to engage your reader throughout your writing by making sure you are using WOW words, similes, short and long sentences, etc all the way through your writing.

  5. Jess says:

    WOW I love how you described the lizard to be like pavement which was very dry.

  6. amber says:

    this awesome I love the wow words

  7. Charlotte Money says:

    This is great i love the wow words you have used

  8. amber says:

    awesome I love it and the wow words were illusional

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