year 5 dojo’s by aaron and colby


Year 5 has got the new dojo.

We have got an  avatar for children in year 5. We told Mrs Willerton about it and she said that her class are going to do it as well!

We  get points for positives, these are for: trying  your best, presentation, homework, discussion and ideas, good manners, helping others and listening well.

We also get points deducted for  negatives. These are for disruption, disrespect, interrupting and getting out of chair.

We have all got different monsters and so far we have already had rewards for maths and literacy.

6 Responses to “year 5 dojo’s by aaron and colby”

  1. Courtney says:

    Wow this is amazing and descriptive, this will get the whole world blogging

  2. elliec5 says:

    great blog post I love the words you used

  3. mary5 says:

    I think the class dojos are really good

  4. jordan kiya and owen says:

    I love the class dojo it helps us behave more

  5. The ClassDojo team says:

    Hi Aaron and Colby – thank you so much for your blog post! Our whole team just read it and we really liked it. Thank you again!

  6. jack5 says:

    I really like using the class dojo

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