What it would feel like if I won an olympic medal by Abbie


Feeling anxious I went off to compete in the extrordinary 100m sprint. Crouching in the starting position, the stadiom went exstremly queit, then… BANG!! I started to run and run.  The pounding footsteps of the other athletes drummed in my ears, getting louder and louder. My eyes only looking at my destination of the finishing line. I ran as fast as I could, the noise of the spectators drowned out my my heart beating. As I crossed the line, daring to look up, my name flashed on the board. I was first. Oh my god, I was first. The other athletes began to surround me.  I’ve got the Gold.

Finally it was time to be presented with the medal. On hearing my name, I stood up on to the podium, waving to my family and supporters in the crowd. Feeling apprehensive, I bend down for the  medal to be placed around my neck. My heart  beating as fast as a cheetah, even quicker than it had when I had been running. The smile on my face refuses to fade. Upon hearing the national anthum, I feel like bursting with pride. I had won a gold medal for my country. I can’t stop thinking that this is probably all a dream and that I will wake up soon.

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  1. elle says:

    i love to comment twice on work that is good
    so when a good post is there COMMENT!!!!

  2. elliec5 says:

    your welcome I love commenting on great work when its there

  3. mary5 says:

    I love your blog Abbie. It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jasmin says:

    Well done you have put lots of wow words into that piece of writing and it is amazing.

  5. jasmin says:

    Well done I bet you took time and consideration with your post but it was worth it.

  6. ellie says:

    wow abbie this is AMAZING you have worked so hard on this post I am really amazed

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