Tuesday Topic afternoon – personalised learning


On Tueday afternoon, Year 5 continued learning about rivers. However, there was a difference. We all thought about how we learn best and chose appropriate activities to demonstrate our learning. This is because we know we all learn in different ways. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Some of us created models of a river, other children made animations and some children designed a poster. There were children who wrote about rivers, some children researched using the computer and others used information books.

What did you enjoy about your learning and what did you achieve?

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17 Responses to “Tuesday Topic afternoon – personalised learning”

  1. mary5 says:

    that afternoon was AMAZING I would love to do it again. 🙂

  2. Jasmin says:

    I liked the way that we got to choose our own way to learn.
    Me and Caitlin made a water fall into a river.
    I learnt what life is in the river i also put some flat rocks into the bottle [that was cut in half ]

  3. JAMES says:

    I chose to write some information about river.

  4. brad.f says:

    I liked it because we got to do what we wanted to do (but it had to be something about rivers). I wanted to build a waterfall with Tom, so me and Tom went and got some play-doh and built a source (the start of the river) and we built the river that led to a waterfall. We made this on top of the table and the water was leading off the table and landing into a bucket (this was the waterfall)! and thats what Me and Tom did and it was really fun!

  5. claire naylor says:

    I had fun doing this i had made a river out of tin foil,card then we tested it. It can have water in it and it moves like a river. Also in other words waterproof. This blog looks great! I had fun in this lesson hope you did too.

  6. jack says:

    i did maths and facts, it was realy interesting and a little bit fun.
    i did a annimation aswell

  7. mary says:

    that afternoon was great we could do what ever we wanted to do. me dan and harry.p was in our own group.

  8. dan says:

    it was very fun and me harry and mary made a very good river

  9. bradley says:

    that afternoon was awesome! 🙂 I hope we do it again!!! plus it was more funner than the NORMAL lessons! 🙂

  10. bradley j says:

    i loved our fun afternoon on tuesday and i would love to have an astonishingafternoon like that again.

  11. Jessica says:

    I made a poster,because you can write in different fonts.
    I also like drawing and finding out facts.
    I liked the way that everyones work was different but about the same facts.

  12. harry e says:

    I liked when i did a anmation on rivers.
    i liked because we were inderpendent.
    i liked because Miss Squires did not tell us what to do.

  13. Harry P says:

    it was fun because you let us use are own imagne ation to make something like a river my group dan and mary we made a river out of playdough it had a water fall and 3 fishes a hipo and a girffe then webuilt a ourside river as well

    and i leant that you can make a river out all kinds of matirials

  14. hollie says:

    i really enjoyed learning in our own way ! Its really good because we are learning but also its an easy way to understand .
    I personally think we should do it more often

  15. aaron an tom says:

    we had so much fun and we hope
    we do it agian. we all had unique ways of what we wanted to do.
    To help us to learn! <3

  16. caitlin says:

    I really like because we got to do what evere we wanted .
    I think we shuod do it again.

  17. Charlotte says:

    i loved that afternoon i hope we do it again.
    i used i a book to help me learn.
    When i had written it i typed it up.

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