Toxic tradgedy by lydia with a little help from grace


On Tuesday 1st May toxic waste was dumped in Stickney School, Boston, Lincolnshire.Yyear 5 helped find evidence. They found: a shiny, silver car; two lids for the top of the toxic waste containers and four gloves (one blue and the other three white). They had so much fun finding all the evidence. PC Miller, from Spilsby Police, came to help. Early in the morning Mr.Casey, the caretaker of Stickney Primary School, rang the police as soon as he found the illegally dumped, harmful toxic waste. Pc Miller helped to investigate. Excited, the Year 5 children put on gas masks and gloves donated by B&Q. After the fun amazing morning, in the afternoon year 5 wrote great reports.


2 Responses to “Toxic tradgedy by lydia with a little help from grace”

  1. Jessica says:

    I liked how you got help from Grace to make your work better.
    I like your use of different words.

  2. jasmin says:

    I liked the use of discripted wow words.
    I also liked the use of vcop.

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