Big Write: Animal Invasion in Stickney by Jasmin


On Thursday 5th July, a horrifying animal rampage occured in Stickney, north of Boston.
The overwhelming event happened at noon that day. Every animal around Stickney (and within Stickney) suddenly charged out of their house. They also appeared to have rather evil eyes. Evidence so far shows that the illusional sight was caused by the devilish and insame doctor Vanthrat.
Indescribable evidence shows the creatures have been contracted by mind control. Devasted owners have been passing up and down their houses, worried sick about their pets.
Horses and bigger animals have been seen to be galloping and running speadily through main roads. Mice, rats and various other miniature animals have been sighted to be creeping into houses and flats, and also all sorts of buidilings. They have been climing up various different pieces of furniture and shredding it!
Local residents have been advised to stay indoors or where they are. Scientists say that the mind control will wear off in about 24 hours. In conclusion, this event has been a horrendous day for Stickney.

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  1. ellie says:

    wow imagine if that REALLY happend in stickney!

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