stickney primary school by Jess


It is great at Stickney Primary School all of the teachers are very nice and kind you can go on very good fun school trips and lots and lots more fun things my favourite thing to do at school is art, swimmings, playtime, DT, but all of the things we do at school are fun. So that is me done. by jessica

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  1. isabella5 says:

    hi ime realy excited that were moving up to y5 hope u have a great birthday in the holidays

  2. jess5 says:

    wow thank you guys

  3. olivian5 says:

    yer do you think we will have lots more trips in class 5 then class 4

  4. ruth5 says:

    wow jess that’s so great!

  5. lydia says:

    i think all of the teachers are very nice here and we can have very fun trips

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