Our afternoon about Rivers by Kaci West


Down by the River…..

The Ducks swim up to the bank, hoping to be fed. A moter cruiser ties up at the Jetty, after a Boat trip.

What do you like doing by the River?
Have you stood on a brige over a River and watched the water flowing underneath.

What is the Mouth of all the Rivers?
The mouth of all the Rivers is the sea because the sea is a wider space.All of the Rivers end up at the sea.

Were do Rivers come from?
After rain, water runs down the hill sides and finds diches and like floods the dich and rises thats how there are so many Rivers around where you live right now!!! So try and look for a river and see what wild life you find.

Amazing Facts
The River Thames is 215 miles long and has been an important trade root through out it’s history.
The longest River in the world is the world is the River Nile, it reaches around 6650 killermeters in length (4132 miles).

3 Responses to “Our afternoon about Rivers by Kaci West”

  1. hollie5 says:

    I like how you had a different range of infomation it had some amazing facts i wish you put a bit moore

  2. Miss Squires says:

    Well done Kaci – I was so impressed with how you were so busy reading information yesterday and have produced some interesting writing now too! I’m really happy you felt good about your work and wanted to share it with everyone. I bet we could find lots of amazing facts!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Wow Kaci,

    * I like the way you have used lots of facts.
    * I like that you have used lots of different words for each sentence.
    * I like that you have put amazing facts on it.

    Wish you put a bit more on the Thames and the Nile.

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