My teacher Miss Squires.


Year5 is the best class all thanks to Miss Squires.She makes lessons fun in any way she can so I respect her for that. Without Miss Squires class will be normal,doing what ever the teacher says;Miss Squires sometimes lets us do what we want as long as it is to do whith the lesson. Miss Squires will never make lessons boring and can always take a joke. However, soon we will all be moving up to year6 and Miss Squires will no longer be are teacher. I will always remember Miss Squires and if i become a teacher i will try to make my class just as fun because you encouraged me.

4 Responses to “My teacher Miss Squires.”

  1. Jack says:

    i agreed straight from the first sentence

  2. Ms. Kreul says:

    Wow – what wonderful compliments for Miss Squires! You were fortunate to have her as your teacher this year. Take everything she has taught you as you move on to the next grade and as you think about becoming a teacher yourself.

    Ms. Kreul
    Richards School
    Whitefish Bay, WI USA

  3. lydia morton says:

    i thought that was really good jess. i agree with every bit you said

  4. Charlotte says:

    that is great jess tears came to my eyes

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