my dogs by Ruth


Hi im going to tell you about my pets. How they live, react and how they are treated. I have 5 dogs, their names are Kizzy, Alfie, Bow, Poppy and Furgy. First, im going to tell you about Furgy. He is sometimes bad to me but very exited in a way. Now Bow, she is very good and she always follows me –  i have had her for a very long time indeed. Alfie is the one we take to dog shows, he has two champion rosets,  and other sorts. If he gets one more champion roset we will win a lot of money. Poppy is like Furgy but doee like me. Now Kizzy is ok (bad and good) but still is one of my best.

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  1. ruth5 says:

    gosh, thanks everyone

  2. jasmin says:

    Wow they sound soooooo cute!
    Great use of vcop Ruth.

  3. jess5 says:

    hi my name is jessica, i think it is very good

  4. Year5stickney says:

    Ah, it is so nice to hear about your dogs Ruth! Well done for writing your first blog post. I am looking foward to reading more of your writing and seeing your writing grow!

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