Moving up to Year 5


We are finally moving up to year 5. We are really excited because a new year begins. This is a great opportunity for year 5’s. We hope we will have a phenomenal experience. Everyone is looking forward to going on school trips and learning new things. It is going to be great being taught by a new teacher. It means we all have a new chance to make things right. Everyone hopes to have a good year all round.

In particular, we are looking forward to going on the DSi in Numeracy, playing on the WIi to help our learning and skyping other countries.

We hope this will be our most interesting year so far! Hopefully we can make the right impression. Let’s hope we can improve the things we need to work on.

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  1. ruth5 says:

    I’m very pleased that we thought of all of that stuff. There is lots of BIG words as well.

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