marvel super hero take over on club penguin by jordan


Suit up for marvel super hero take over on club penguin. Get ready to kick some villan butt. On the 14th of June 2012 there will be a marvel super hero take over with lots of free stuff, with avalible marvel characters: captin america, iron man, hulk, thour, black widow, hulkeye and super penguin.

6 Responses to “marvel super hero take over on club penguin by jordan”

  1. ellie says:

    good blog club penguin marvel super hero take ove sounds absolutely amazing

  2. abc says:

    i like marvel super heros and i like club penguin so thats super 🙂

  3. colby says:

    wow i didn’t know all this cool stuff is on club penguin

  4. jack says:

    ive been on it and its just like you said. I hope everyone else can go on it and shsre the
    things you like.:)

  5. william says:

    it is an awsome event on club penguin ive already got one of the superhero soots you get it from the gift shop its a good post and i liked it

  6. kiya says:

    this is awsome keep up the good work

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