After five long hours of sitting down, they called my name ready to fight. With shaking hands and anticipation, I got up and followed my coach dave to the starting point. Like a monkey, I gripped on to the other person’s coat like I have been trained. Then we started to throw one an other. Then the coach shouted “matte”, that means stop. We got up and they handed me my golden medal. It made me feel so happy.

Please give three stars and a wish


  1. brad.f says:

    Wicked blog harry mate!
    *you described how you grabbed him
    *you described how long you waited
    *you described how you felt
    good blog!

  2. Miss Squires says:

    Well done Harry, it is great to hear about your achievements outside of school! You have used WOW words to effectively describe the day for us.

  3. Sonia Pettit says:

    Well done Harry. It was a very long wait, but we are so proud of you for winning gold. It was your first ever competition.

    Some lovely descriptive words on how you felt and yes, you did grab him like a monkey.

    A lovely blog Harry.

  4. mary says:

    *You described how you felt.
    *You described how long it took you to wait for your go.
    *You described how happy you was when you got the gold medal

    WISH:Tell more information about were you went

    Well done harry I think This is a brilliant blog.

  5. Kaci west says:

    *You described how you felt
    *You described how you swang that you were like a monkey
    *You described how long you watied
    Wish:to write a bit more

  6. Caitlin says:

    well done you did very well

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