Big Write: Gold dumped at Hasting Caves by Tom


Shockingly, two and a half years after a discovery, £1, 000, 000’s worth of gold was dumped mysteriously in these magnificant caves. The caves were locked up that night (they used bared doors) buut were found opening in the morning and the padlock was snapped. So, the morning guard went in to investigate what had happened…to his amazement there was a pile of dumped gold in the far end of the caves; he assumed it had been stolen. So he, on his duties, called the police immediately. If the gold had been stolen the policeman said they would have go to jail.
There was a large variety of objects, e.g: necklaces, rings, earrings and lots more bigger objects, like plaques and bricks. The possibility that is was stolen was much greater than the likelihood of the owner putting it there. Firstly, it is unlikely someone would have that amount of gold, and secondly, if you did you wouldn’t want to get rid of it, would you?
Luckily, through finger prints, they found the culprit and he was fined £1, 000 and went to jail for five years.

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  1. ellie says:

    wow tom i used to live near hastings you have discribed the prosses of investagation very well

  2. jasmin says:

    Well done that was used lots of wow words in that big write.

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