Crime Scene by Amber


On Tuesday the 1st of May we had a fake crime scene set up all for us. Thanks to PC Miller – it was the best. It all seemed real there was a lot of illusional and momentous evidence wich we had to find, such as gloves that were transparent and translucent. We also found some lids, wrappers, bottles and more. Even the photographer came in to take a photo of us and we are in the newspaper. Also thanks to Mrs Willerton, who played along and helped us and some other people for making it all seem so real and amazing. But it was a bit suspicious when we were walking over to where all the evidence was!

It was also suspicious because if it was real toxic waste we wouldnt be able to go near it or even go outside without masks on because it would be dangerous. Toxic waste can spread very easily and very quickly. Anyway it was still one of the best days ever! We had to wear gloves and masks to go into the crime scene – some people thought it was real but some diddnt such as me.

It was all really really dirty but we diddnt mind touchiong it we have some of the illusional evidence in our classroom.I think it is very gratefull for him to waste alot of his impotant time to make it seem really really real to all of us. I think the best part was when we all had to write a report on this It was awesome, at least we were out of the rain.

when we investigated there was alot of evidence cartracks,acar,bags,rubber,gloves,toys,lids,wrappers and of course toxic waste.


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