Crime at Stickney primary school by Claire


On Tuesday 1st may 2012,class 5 had experienced a crime. Toxic waste  got dumped on the school field.As soon as class 5 got there the police had covered the area with the police tape. when you got there you could see what had happen,like a clear window.

The police man was called p.c Miller he handed out water proof police things so we could get closer to the crime. p.c Miller was telling us what was safe and what was not safe. It was so realistic. As the day went on,class 5 got more involved with the crime.

To make sure that  the area was safe p.c Miller ran some tests.class 5 was a little cops trying to find out what

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3 Responses to “Crime at Stickney primary school by Claire”

  1. rebecca says:

    I like the way you put what day the crime sceen

  2. lydia morton says:

    i loved how you described every thing and you painted a clear vivid pichture in my head.

  3. Jasmn says:

    I love the way that you used vcop and panted a vovid picture in my head

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