Brownies by Caitlin


Browines is a fun for your child .What we do at brownie…we do lots of diffrent playgames,and do craftey things. We meet on a thuresday  at 6:00 atill 7:00. We have little groups and they are called pixes, elfs, and sprits. We have lots of fun. If your child wants to come your child has to be a girl come to the little hall at 6:00 and then you come and pick your child up from the little hall at 7:00.




8 Responses to “Brownies by Caitlin”

  1. ellie says:

    brownies is great fun caitlin and i love your post

  2. Catherine Lister says:

    I used to love Brownies! Miss Squires and I used to go together when we were 7yrs old! Remember to do your good deed for the day! xxx

  3. abbie says:

    Is brownies fun? It sure looks fun!

  4. rebecca says:

    I like the way you have put what you do and what it start’s and finsh.

  5. colby says:

    hope you have fun!:)

  6. Courtney says:

    I like the blog about brownies it is discriptive better than just saying brownies is great and i liked how you added the other clubs in

  7. richard says:


  8. harry says:

    that sounds fun

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