100 Word ChallengeBy Sarah


Galloping down the cobblestone driveway I energeticly pounded through the door and straight to my bedroom.  I was going to get my new wooden horse figure alarm clock going, I was so excited! It was only a clock, but I couldn’t wait to get it started…but when I put the batteries in…the alarm was on. So I simply switched it off, thinking nothing more of it, but the alarm kept on going, puzzled, I changed the alarm hand. It still kept going. Changed the time hand. STILL KEPT BUZZING! In doubt I took the batteries out; and had it as a decoration instead, as I couldn’t return it to the shop!

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  1. sarahp5 says:

    Could you please try to check your writing also in the comments

  2. sarahp5 says:


  3. sarahp5 says:


  4. william3 says:

    Hey good work
    Star good jearnded
    Star good punchation
    This wok s incoherent
    Try and make it coherent so the reader doesn’t get lost
    By Lydia

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