100 word challenge by Ella and Elliott


One summers day a little boy called Jeff found out ; his dad was making robots but then when his Dad went out of the room, Jeff crept in and stole his Dad’s (smallest) robot that he had made.
Then Jeff ran into his room and closed the door.So Jeff didn’t know what to do until he found somewhere to put some batteries.But when he put the batteries in it, the robot suddenly sprang to life and said “I mean you no harm, I’m just a prototype!” Jeff jumped onto his bed and said “What is your name?” And the robot said “My name is Proto.” Then Jeff’s Dad came in and snatched Proto, and they never saw each other again…

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  1. william3 says:

    Hello great work loved it
    Star* amazing adjectives ect sprang smallest
    Star* wonderful punctuation ;-,?()
    Wish try and use more gerunds as sentence openers e.g. walking back to my room or sprinting rushing hurring and better connectives e.g. After that , next also make sure you jump ahead and make sure you have a new line when a different person is talking.
    well done

    From Chloe

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