100 word challange by zara


Lurking in the shadows duskey white sheets skatterd around, of oddly shapes and sizes, like a meeting of ghosts.sqeeks of mice.creaky floor boards.hoots of owls.I could’nt think.plodding up the spiral staircase It felt like miles long.finally reatching the top of the elter skelter stairs a small dusty door caut my eye……aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! A bat tornado flew out (I hate bats!)to my greatest suprise in the door was a GIANT ROBOT!!!

there was some batteries on the floor for some ramdom reason; I picked them up and was wondering why nobody has tryed this before.but when Iput the batteries in………now I know why no one tryed.

2 Responses to “100 word challange by zara”

  1. Mrs Doyle-Thomas says:

    I don’t like bats either.
    I enjoyed reading your work, well done

  2. william3 says:

    Hollo i loved reading you woak.
    *good use of gerund opening like lurking.
    *good punctuation like …………….. and brackets.
    wish – re read your work and re consider punctuation in the second line as your list doesnt read well.

    by jos

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