100 WC by Ben


It was half past twelve PM on a day like today. Me and my friend Nathan were running into the gateway of the cold cemetery as we were running throw a closing of trees we saw a figure in an outfit as black as the sky he had a rather large rusty scythe and he was hitting at the tall oak trees trying to cut them. Me and Nathan hid behind one of the trees Nathan sneezed and the man shouted “who’s there.” in loud rough voice he started marching around the trees looking for us. When he found us he smiled at us not in a kind way a way that’s like a angry grin his very few yellow rotting teeth showing I gulped and tried to fight my way out Nathan bit the man and the arm and that gave us enough time to escape from him. But when we got to the gateway we heard sirens it seemed like the man had called the police for us trespassing but we got home safely. But I have a strange feeling he’s still after us…

2 Responses to “100 WC by Ben”

  1. thomash5 says:

    great wow words like rotting cold and treaspassing
    good simlies like as dark as the sky

    wosh check spellings like throw should be through

  2. lillia5 says:

    Well done Ben.

    *Good similes, As black as the sky
    *Good Wow words. Rotting,treaspassing,

    Wish- Check your spellings- throw, *Through

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