100 challange by george wednesday 4th june 2014


On a brisk cold night,all i could see was black,as i was running down the long path.Closly getting to the gateway to the large green park strangly with no childeren,not anyone in sight where is everyone?

As I was running through the lonley park,I could only hear the wind,I could see something!meanwhile at the house my phone was ringing,it was my friend,James.Slowly,as the night was getting colder I saw a thing and it disappered!i got scared so I quickly ran as fast as I could, but I saw the thing again and it was blocking the gateway so I couldn’t get through; I had to take a divertion where could I go? Sprinting across the grass as I saw a small hole in the bush,I was determind to get out,I looked back where the thing was, it moved again! I came close to the hole and got on my bare nees there where twigs and stones but I didn’t care I wanted to get away.

As I successfully escaped through the bush I found my street, where my house would be, I saw the thing again and I saw it up closer than normal, there was nobody there it was just a creature in a black robe and its face wasn’t there,what could it be?

It disappered again, I quickly got back in my house and found my phone with one missed call.It was from James I pickup up the phone and play the call out loud “if you get this there a creepey person called the Serial and I sa…”

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  1. Kieran snell says:

    Hi George, it’s Kieran from withern

    *great use of adverbs e.g. Successfully quickly etc
    **nice use of paragraphs
    Wish: check your punctuation and capital letters as some sentences need a bit of work

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