Feelings by Claire


When you feel sad because people have been nasty to you than just stop and think is this really worth getting upset about? Because this one person is upset with his or herself, just think about why they are doing it. But if it gets to a stage that it happening every day than tell some one and get you feelings out instead of getting angry with that person.

This is a little story im going to tell you about a little dog called Paddy. Paddy was a very little dog. He was so little you would call him a puppy. Paddy went on a walk every day and he looked at all the big dogs that lafed at him because he was so little. Paddy went home evey day to his mum and said “mummy mummy! Guess what i did today?” she said “hmm let me guess? Did you go on a walk?” he said “yes i did well done! But there’s one dog was being very nastey to me” (he’s still a puppy). So his mum said “who is this? well this that and this one person and that other.”

Then the next day he went to school and they was not there. They were with a different dog that had some anger and could not hold it in and they was saying very nastey things about him like he smells and that he should not be on this planet. He got so angry at that he just shouted out “LEAVE ME NOW GO AWAY BOYS YOU NASTEY BOY YOU NASTEY NASTEY NASTEY BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”

Then Paddy went up to help this little dog because he knows how much he hated it and he told the nasty boys to go now in a cram sound and they said to that no you big fat bossy boots b-o-s-s-y  b-o-o-t-s. That’s you bossy boots bossy boots bossy boots. As they went away Paddy said to the other little dog “come on lets go tell, there not here now,” and the dog said “thank you for helping why did you do that?” Paddy said because its happened to me and I did not like it. I can not even think how hard it is for you. But on the bright side you got what you wanted to do. I would not have a enough power to say that to their face.

The other dog looked up to Paddy and said “thank you, thank you very much!” Paddy said “you’re welcome. But next time you feel upset come tell me and let you fellings out to me and you will not get in to anything ok!” and from that day on the two little dog were best friends and not one of them got mad.     This was made by Claire Naylor thank you for listening to my story.


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  1. Courtney says:

    I like your story abou what happend on monday

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