Year 5 have started blogging!


Hi Year 5,

Welcome to our very first blog! I am really excited for us to start sharing what we are learning with parents and the rest of the world. We will be able to use this blog to reflect on what we have been learning and tell other people about all the exciting things we have been enjoying and achieving! Once we get started we can add photos and videos.

I can’t wait for you to start blogging!

16 Responses to “Year 5 have started blogging!”

  1. lillia5 says:

    I love blogging❤

  2. ellie says:

    This blog has been amazing i have enjoyed doing new posts and commenting on other peoples great work also it will be a big upset to leave this lovely blog behind and move into year six. so thankyou miss squires for giving us this fantastic oppotunity to blog and share work and ecxiting events worldwide.

    • Year5stickney says:

      It is fantastic to hear such positive news! I hope blogging has enabled you to see yourself as a writer: to think carefully about what you are writing, how to engage your audience and improve your work. The blog has helped you value your writing, knowing it has the potential to be shared worldwide. I am really pleased how hard we have all worked to keep the blog up to date.
      Well done everyone,
      Miss Squires

  3. HOLLIE says:

    ONE YEAR ON AND THE BLog is still goinG ON

  4. dan cox says:

    this bloging is very good . i enjoyed reading all of these exciting things :] :]

  5. Miss Squires says:

    Thanks so much for your comments and taking time to look at our class blog Mrs Whittaker! We hope Lana enjoys looking at what we have been learning, all the way from South Korea!

  6. Mrs Whittaker says:

    I am just sat at home making a book from your photographs on World book Day. Great pictures Class 5

  7. mrs pam harding says:

    Well done to class 5.Mrs Lingard told me what you are doing so thought I would leave you a message & this is a first for me too,,good luck to you all

  8. kiya says:

    amazing idea miss squires to start blogging evreyone loves blogging hope you come up whit a nuther fantastic idea p.s you are the best teacher ever hope you haw a amazing birthday today and happy birthday

  9. Mrs Lingard says:

    I love what you have been doing. Class 5 have taught me a new skill I never thought it would be this easy to keep in touch with you and its great to see what you are doing also I love reading your comments. Keep it up class 5 you are all so brilliant.

  10. mary says:

    when i do my blogging tomorrow it is going to be realy fun!!

  11. Courtney Shannon says:

    I think that blogging is going to be fun

  12. Mr Christopher says:

    The blog is looking brilliant so far, I look forward to reading what Year 5 are up to!

  13. Miss Squires says:

    So good to hear the excitement is spreading! I think it will open up a whole new world for us.

  14. hollie says:

    i think were going to have a realy fun time blogging

  15. Deborah Money says:

    Look forward to reading lots of exciting new topics on your year 5 Blog.

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