The Thunder storm in stickney by ellie


On Thursday the 28th of June a horrendous thunder storm hit Stickney at around 3:40.  It started when we all left school at three fifteen. You could hear thunder like a giant drum and lightning was an illusional sight.

Grace, Pippy,my Nanny and I got into the house just in time. The thunder and lightning grew worse then the rain came on it was a little bit scary as the rain was really heavy now also it had started raining little blocks of ice as big as a ten pence piece! Puddles were forming at a fast rate.

When the storm stopped , after around an hour, Grace Pippy Courtney and I went to the park. To check out part of Stickney on the way, I nipped round to sarah’s. WOW! The front of her house was flooded so Grace and I helped for a bit, it was hard work and sarah had worked up a sweat. The passage from Sarah’s estate to the park was filled with around 6cm of water . Amazingly the school field had two colossal puddles in it. One about 7 metres across by 5cm deep and another one farther out which I don’t really know. I was speechless. My mummy was working in Skegness and she was up to her ankles in water. The thunder, lighting and rain had been in Skegness, but my daddy was working in spalding and came home bone dry! Also a tornado went through sleaford!

I hope nobody else was effected badly by the thunder storm in Stickney.

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  1. hoxx says:

    well done ellie! i was at kids club when the storm errupted and we had to evacuate the mobile so we had to go to school again because the feild was flooded luckely we didnt have to do any work!!!

  2. William O says:

    Yes it was really bad! I had the day off school that day because i was ill. I was asleep on the sofa then I suddenley woke up with a shock of a large banging sound. I woke up and saw my dad stressing, as usual. I looked out my door and the garden was flooded! You couldnt even see the grass! Then i looked on the floor, there was a puddle and the roof was leeking from the torrential rain. My dad, as he is a farmer, went to his farm and asked if he could borrow the pump and a tractor. He came in a few seconds later with a tractor with a trailed pump on the back. He got it set as we live next to a river and then he sitched it on. It produced loads of smoke. He was there till 5 oclock in the morning but then we woke up it was gone and dad took the tractor back.

  3. bradzz says:

    Well done!! The weather did not affect me! I thought it was great!!! What about you!???

  4. amber says:

    It was amazing how you desribed how it fell and how it turned into hail. It was certainly very wet that day, my house nearly got flooded and the ditch was just over flowing.

  5. jess games says:

    I new that the storm was bad because it flooded my house but I did not know that it flooded skegness aswell,it sounds so frightning

  6. Bill Lord says:

    What a description of the weather last week. On Thursday I drove from Skegness to Grantham and during the journey the sky began to increasing darken. By two O’clock in the afternoon it was so dark that the street lights came on.
    Next there was a huge clap of thunder which was the start of a huge storm which included forked lightning, torrential rain and hail stones the size of marbles. What was so sad was the fact that it was the day of the Olympic torch relay in Grantham and there were hundred of people who were caught in the storm. At one point they nearly had to cancel the relay as the weather so bad and some shops including Thorntons and Costa had been struck by lightning whilst others had flood water inside them.
    Amazingly by the end of the afternoon the sun came out before the torch arrived and it was blazing hot as it came through the town.

    • ellie says:

      It seems that the bad weather went a long way around Lincolnshire. It must have been a very low spirited day in Grantham when the rain came on as it was the torch relay. If I had been going to see the torch then I would feel pretty down. Did any other shops flood? As I would love to know, the local shop may have got flooded. It was quite scary when the thunder came on and when the lightning came on I was praticly shaking! I was relived when it stopped.

  7. Mr S says:

    What a tremendous bit of writing! The thunder over Lincolnshire was horrific – louder than I’ve ever known it. Our school had many leaks, but at least my car got a good wash!

    Keep up the hard work.

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