Our new Wii by Jasmin, Grace and Kaci


Following the letter we sent to the PFTA, Year 5 have managed to purchase a fantastic Nintendo Wii. We are really excited to have the Wii because we alreaady use Nintendo DSi’s. However, the Wii is not just for fun. It is also for our learning. For example, Mario Kart could help us develop new settings when we choose the race. It will help us think about different characters. We can also describe what the cars look like and how they would react if they had a problem. In addition, we could use the character’s personality within our stories.

Year 5 believe learning is more than just a pencil and a book. So, the Wii helps us to create new ideas. We think using physical learning will help us behave better because we will be active.

We are really excited and grateful for our Wii. Please comment on our post.

10 Responses to “Our new Wii by Jasmin, Grace and Kaci”

  1. jasmin says:

    It was quit a wait untill we got the wii but it was worth it.

  2. Mrs W says:

    Sounds like lots of fun, hope you all enjoy it!

  3. Ellie says:

    I think that the wii will be amazing for our learning

  4. lydia morton says:

    i think the wii help make lessons more fun, and well done the writing was amazing

  5. mary says:

    I think the wii is going to make our learning much more funner and more easier than a pencil and a book. Most of us in year 5 have already been on the wii and everyone will go on it soon.

    I am looking forward to going on the wii again!!!

  6. Dee-Anne Lingard says:

    I hope you can teach me how to use it as another way of learning. Look forward to watching you soon. Well done class 5 on all you are achieving and learning in class 5 must be great fun.

  7. Miss R says:

    I can’t wait to see you all enjoy the new Wii in class. Hopefully not only can we learn but have fun whilst doing so.
    I am also looking forward to how it contributes to your work, not only in literacy but in the many other subject areas too.

    🙂 keep it going Year 5!!

  8. Imogen Lingard says:

    WOW! Hope you enjoy it :] We never had one of those when i was there!

  9. Mr S says:

    I am really looking forward to hearing about your Wii. I have just bought ipods and an ipad for our school – I will let you know how we get on…

  10. Kaci West says:

    I think the wii will be a new experience for us all. It will help us investigate what our learning is all about. When we play on Mario Kart it will give us a vivid picture of what the background looks like and what that characters look like , what car they like and how they dress. I am really looking foward to playing on class 5’s wii!

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