moving up to year 5 by Lillia


After the 6 weeks holiday the currunt class 4 will be going to class 5. We are all so excited to learn new things go on the dsi and the wii. We want to learn lots of  new things and have fun. I’ll miss class 4 but im very excited to go up to class 5.

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  1. emilyn5 says:

    that is a very good post

  2. lydia says:

    hope you have a great time with the best teacher in the world, miss. squires and have lots and lots of fun

  3. ruth5 says:

    i will miss year 4 as well

  4. natasha5 says:

    very good post

  5. jasmin says:

    You will love it in year 5 Miss Squires does lots of fun things like making huts in the nature area.

  6. OliviaN5 says:

    very good

  7. lillia5 says:

    thanks jess

  8. jess5 says:

    hi lillia very good post

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