Our Super Sentences in Year 5


‘The moon was shining as bright as a torch, whilst the two boys were playing’ – By Abigail.
‘The boy was surprised by all of the lights at night time. In the distance, there were lights making a mountain as bright as the sun’ – by James.
‘Looking at the full moon, constantly suspicious, they were standing incredibly still like a statue’ – by Bradley J.
‘Two people were enjoyig a chat near the glowing houses in the distance’ – by William.
‘Annoyed by the lights, each boy froze’ – by Claire.
‘In the dark, misty midnight sky, shone the glistening moon. High above a colossal city in the distance of the settled, gloomy ocean’ – By Hollie.
‘As the moon stood and glowed in the background, the two boys stood, geeks of the world’ – by Bradley F.
‘In the dark, gloomy night, the colossal city stood upon the mooon’ – by Kaci.
‘Glowing in the background, the future city stood silently’ – by Thomas.
‘In the dark city, there were two children (a boy and a girl) playing a mystery game’ – by Caitlin.
‘Walking excitedly towards the colossal, illusional city, filled with gigantic buildings, the excitement building up inside his body was magnificant. He also had an insufficient amount of sadness in his mind’ – by Grace.
‘The moon shone brightly, as the buildings were lit up’ – by Jasmin.
‘Like a ninja, I crept around the buildings’ – by Rebecca.
‘The moon shone out onto the ocean blue sky, stars twinkled in the summer sky up ahead and the buildings lit up with bright, fluorescent lights’ – by Lydia.
‘Two boys, Dan and Owen, ventured all night to find robot city’ – by Jordan.
‘Two boys, staring at the full moon gleaming down at them, were convinced the path they had taken was right’ – by Owen.

4 Responses to “Our Super Sentences in Year 5”

  1. mary says:

    I think y5 are great at super sentences and could think of loads more!

  2. harry evans says:

    i really enjoyed reading the book

  3. Charlotte Money says:

    I love all the sentences that are on the blog

  4. Mrs Whittaker says:

    I really enjoyed reading your sentences WOW !!!

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