Our Whole Class Reward by Jessica


Year 5 got all 30 space stickers, because of this we all got to play with the parachute ,it was very fun. A paracute is a colossal bit of fabric with handles. Therefore it is very easy to grip hold of and not rip. You can play very exciting games with a lot of people. For example, cat and mouse, washing machine, toadstool and sharks and fishes. The whole class had fun taking in turns to run under the parachute. Everyone enjoyed playing the games and waving the parachute about.

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  1. rebecca says:

    I like the way you put why year 5 got to do that.

  2. bradzz says:

    that was very fun and funny!!!!! :p 🙂

  3. tom says:

    It was a fun time playng with parachute, I got stuck under it once! My favriote game was sharks and life guards. 🙂

  4. aaron says:

    i had so much fun it was like analoseon and i like the mushroom game were we had to cout to 3 and run under

  5. kaci says:

    i hope we can have another go some day with the parrashoot!!!:)

  6. mary says:

    our whole class reward was realy fun. The parachute games was extreemaly fun.

  7. jack says:

    that was really fun and i enjoyed it 🙂

  8. colby says:

    we had so much fun 🙂

  9. Harley Bryant says:

    As I have been coming in the Year 5’s class I have always noticed how well behaved the children have been although they have been able to enjoy themselves at the same time. The class showed that despite some challenges to get the space stickers they were granted with a reward and this so happened to be the parachute as Jessica has posted. During the lesson I saw how much fun all the children had and the ideas that they were proposing so that they could be able to enjoy using the parachute in many different ways. I enjoyed being part of the lesson and tried getting involved as much as possible. I was especially proud with the amount of fun that everyone had whilst being very well behaved and had a very positive chemistry with eachother. It is a pleasure to be part of the lessons but it makes me even happier when all of the class members act so well behaved and have such a good time, just like today. I will definitely be looking forward to next thursday with the whole year 5 class.

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