Lego Ninjago Rise of the Snakes by Owen, Jordan and Kiya


There is a new threat to ninjago, the serpenten have been freed from a little kid called Lloyd Garmadon. His dad was the first threat to ninjago. So the four ninjas and sensi the four ninjas was called Kai master of fire, Jay master of lightning, Cole master of earth and Zane master of ice. They had to use all there power to stop the snakes and the bigest snake of all the great devouir.

But one cunning snake called pythor the general of the anocondria had to collect the four fang blades that was scatterd all over ninjago. And the ninjas have to stop him and keep them hidden from pythor. But pythor sneaked on to their base and stole all of the fang blades back so he ran to a train and teared it in to a snake when pythor got there he unleashed the grate devouir. 

But the it was so hungrey he ate sensi and pythor. So the ninjas had to get the base and fly a way but the grate devouir ate the base. So the ninjas tura in to there vecheal by using their golden weapons. The ninjas have no choice so they ask Lord Garmadon and his skeleton army. But the skeleton army was defeated but some of the snakes was defeated but not all of them.

Lord garmadon had a brilliant plan to trap the grate devouir the ninjas made the great devouir chase them around a gigantic building. Lord Garmadon held all four golden weapons jumped from another building and destroyed the great devouir and slime cover all over ninjago and stangely anoth sensi wu was sat in a pile of slime and had a cup of tea.

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2 Responses to “Lego Ninjago Rise of the Snakes by Owen, Jordan and Kiya”

  1. Miss Squires says:

    Well done boys, I loved how you challenged yourselves with a word limit AND exceeded your target!

  2. charlotte and jasmin says:

    WOW boys this is great! A great piece of writing! Keep it up boys.

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