claire and charlotte seals


For two month now Claire and Charlotte have been hleping to raise money for the skegness seals class 5 had been on a class trip there and fell in love with the seals and could not bear to see atttal upset or ill.

Members of Year 5 raised £25 shortly after our visit. The Claire and Charlotte decided to find ways of raising more money. We raised £50 this time! The girls had a lovely time on sunday 26th feb giving the money to the seals.

As they were swimming, the seals were jumping.

When we raised 50 ponds we made it by games and raffel for the teachers we was overjoyed by this we love it

by Claire and Charlotte

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  1. Nicola says:

    Good work with raising the money for the seals! The seal on the screan looked really cute! The seals must of been really cute when it jumped while you were swimming. Good job on the games and the raffle.

  2. Aaron says:

    well done claire and charlote u have done good work

  3. miss richardson says:

    Keep up the good work

  4. Carol Vernon says:

    Claire and Charlotte: Well done – a great achievement. Keep up the good work for the seals.

    • jathk says:

      all of us at home think its good i love i come from Africa so i do not see much of seals but now live in Lincolnshire.keep it up i love to see more of what you have don

  5. yapper says:

    that seal looks soooooo cute 🙂

  6. kiya says:

    amazing work girls hope you keep up the fantastic work

  7. Caitlin says:

    hi ….wow girls you have worked really hard, good that you raised lots of money .

  8. jasmin says:

    i think that blogging is a great way of showing people that we have raised money for abandoned and hurt seals+penguins.

  9. Ellie says:

    The seals must be happy now some more money from y5

  10. madie f says:

    Cool.I wish i could do tht.WELL DONE

  11. Year5stickney says:

    Raising £75 is such an amazing achievement girls – well done! You have proved how you can achieve success through setting your own targets and working hard. Your determination has made a difference.

  12. Waterdude says:

    Well done for raising fifty pounds well done to the other group for raising 25 pounds

  13. Derek Butler says:

    You did very well Claire and Charlotte to raise so much money for the seals. Keep the good work going.

  14. Brenda Butler says:

    Charlotte and Claire you did so well in raising all that money to support the seals. Well done.

  15. Courtney Shannon says:

    Well done it looks cool

  16. mary says:

    very good

  17. Charlotte Money says:

    I loved helping the seal’s, there was also a Puffin chick in the hospital being looked after.

  18. Miss Hanks says:

    Well done Claire and Charlotte for raising money for the seals. I am very pleased that you enjoyed your day on Sunday. It was good to read about it!

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