‘The day in the life of a lion’ by Claire


Please give three stars and a wish…it makes such a difference!

Being as yellow and bright as I am, can be both good and bad, because other animals can see you. Most of the time they run away from me because they think I am nasty. But not all of us are nasty. As a young lion, all I want is some friends.

When I get home from getting food for mama, because she is getting on in the years, I always say that I have seen some young animals playing. But they would not let me play with them. So then papa always overhears, and says “why don’t you just make friends with little lion cubs like you?” But I would not like to because all lion clubs like to do is play fight. I would like some cubs that like hide and seek, but I would like some lion cub friends.

Going to get some food, like always, I see (well I think I see) a lonely horse-like animal. I think I can remember mama reading me a bedtime story about a horse-like creature that is called a zebra. Yes, that’s it. So I went over and said “are you ok?” He started to run. But then I called, “No please stay, I’m not nasty.” So he stayed and I told him that all the other animals run away from me.

The zebra said I have no friends because I don’t like to play fight and I like hide and seek, and things like that. So really I had to find myself a friend that likes what I like, is not a lion cub and will not run away from me. That would be the perfect friend for me.

That day I went home and said to mama that I made a friend that is not a lion cub and does not run away from me. His name is Joe. He has a little sister and a little brother. He is just great!

From that day on, I did not care if other animals were not keen on me because I had Joe my best friend. We stayed friends until we both had families of our own. But the crazy thing was that his son and my son was best friends as they were growing up too!

This has been the story of my life. I hope you have enjoyed it.

6 Responses to “‘The day in the life of a lion’ by Claire”

  1. ellie says:

    claire your work is outstanding where did you get all the ideas from it is aamazing.!

  2. ellie says:

    claire your work is outstanding where did you get all the ideas from it is aamazing

  3. amber says:

    I like the way you have put how people think you are nasty but youre not

  4. caitlin says:

    Really good work! Where did you get all your ideas from?

  5. Lucy says:

    It is clever how you have written in another perspective, as though you are the lion.
    You made me feel quite sorry for the little lion being so lonely. You emphasised how you feel dejected and glum by your saying ‘but not all of us are nasty. As a young lion, all I want is some lion cub friends.’
    Those short sentences really made me focus on how sad you are.

  6. Miss Squires says:

    I was very impressed with how you read Lydia’s work and independently produced your own work at home, good girl!

    *I like the way you made the me (the reader) sympathise for the lion cub. By telling me about how the you (the lion cub) felt lonely day after day, I felt myself wishing for you to be able to make the friend you deserved.

    *You have used ‘ing’ clauses to effectively open your sentences and keep the reader interested.

    *You have used a mixture of short and long sentences.

    Wish: To use WOW words to paint a vivid picture in my mind…perhaps describing what you looked like, what Joe looked like or a simile to describe the journey you went on to get food.

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