A day in the life of Greg Heffley…. (Jack’s Big Write)


Please give Jack’s writing three stars and a wish…

I, Greg Heffley, have the worst school anyone could ever even imagine! Since I started going to middle school I have hated it and guess what…I still do!

I’ve already had my growth spurt, so I am the average height. But some people haven’t, like Chirag Gupta. He gets teased and called midget all the time. So I guess I am lucky.

Despite having the worst school ever, I have a weird, but friendly, best friend. His name is Rowley Jefferson. We pull pranks all the time. Our latest prank was on Chirag. We put two mouldy, old bananas on his shoes and he literally slid down to school!

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  1. Mrs Whittaker says:

    Jack, I was so interested in your story that I would like to have read more. I think that you kept the reader interested from the very beginning and I couldn’t help thinking that you may have liked to try out the pranks ! Keep up the good work Jack

  2. jessica games says:

    I like the way you describe your characters, end your sentences in different in different ways, and it is funny. To make it better you could describe the setting.

  3. Dee-Anne Lingard says:

    I just wanted to read more about the pranks I could see that happening in my mind and it made me laugh. Great work Jack keep it up your work is improving all the time, and you write about what makes you laugh and its made me laugh too. I hope we have another installment of these likable kids you have written about. Or even a joke book, that would be cool.

  4. Miss R says:

    I so enjoyed how you started your writing, I love the way your introductions have improved since the start of year 5.

    Describing the details of his growth spurt and how he’s lucky not to be teased really made me want to hear more about Greg.

    I thought the way you described Greg’s best friend as “weird, but friendly ” gave me a fun idea of the character.

    Next time you could describe how the boys became best friends and maybe some of the other pranks they have pulled. I just need more to read :-}

  5. Miss Squires says:

    What an entertaining read!

    I like the way you started your writing with I, then decided to inform your reader of your name using a clause. well done.

    Well done for providing some detail about your height. We talked about this when we read James and the Giant Peach. It helps the reader create a picture in their mind.

    The use of short sentences, such as ‘we pull pranks all the time’, make the reader interested in what you have to say next. You have used a range of sentence lengths to engage the reader.

    To make it even better you could describe Rowley. I bet you would have made him into another quirky character. It would have been interesting to read a bit about him.

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