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MUSO,100wc by Izzy & Olivia



Im not kidding we NEED to go…

“why”? “Whenever you hear strange noises, he’s there!  “Who’s there?”


We will use these walky talkies to stay in touch but for now we need to split up and look for help go?            (Radio) lar,lar,lar,lar ,laaarrrrrr ,  James do you read me beeeeeeeep…?  “Oh ,no what’s happened?” “heeeeeheeeeheeeehaaahaaahaaa I’m after you next Paul”
“hello hello is any one there?”

“thank you lord, what? who are you” ,”I’m Paul and you are” Sara, nice to meet you,I woke up this morning when everyone was gone and now I have found you , “WE NEED TO LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK”?

Natasha 100wc


“Quick RUN James!” bellowed Lilly. “He’s going to catch us if we don’t start running now. ” “It’s a haunted house. AHHHHHHHH, what was that?”  “I think it’s a ghost!” said  Lilly “No your being silly Lilly .” So they ran as fast as they could. What’s that is it a zombie No, wait maybe yes run.  Just then a face appeared out of the misty darkness and said “Quick get in we can get away in my cart , oh where are my manners my name is Rose. I’ve lived here for a while and I have seen strange things have you seen eny thing suspicious around here?….

100 Word challenge By Charlotte and Jess


“QUICK RUN!!!!” We legged it down the path and just kept running…………
Suddenly we stopped and realised he was right in front of us!!! We turned around to run but Lauren FELL OVER. His face was pale like death,black rotten teeth,grey rooted hear and moved like a zombie.He slowly stumbled towards us and said ” I have been waiting for you…”.Peter grabbed Lauren and said “Run i’ll buy you time”. The man came closer and closer until he stomped on my foot. Why are you so evil why would you do this.Then someone came up behind me grabbed my shoulder an threw me to the floor………………………………….

100 word challenge by Holly and Paige


The house was haunted as we walked through the door; a creak scared us to death.Old furniture and cobwebs were around the room covered with dust. We could not see anyone at the window However we felt like we were being watched.We start to search the creepy house but we found no one. Suddenly a gust of wind blew the cobwebs and made them float and we saw a almost transparent, shadowy, white figure of a little girl.The little,girl had seen us and we screamed! The little girl had chased us so we said calm down hen I noticed this place and told Amelia (my friend) that we need to get out of here!

100 wc by nathan and elliott


Jim and Lucy did not know what to do, they were so scared. But then their freind came his name was Nathan and he just found them stood there not moving like a statue,  they were frozen they did not even blink. But Nathan got them and pulled them behind a bush to hide and then he woke them up so they could move again. They asked him why he was there and Nathan said “I found you just standing there not moving at all” then they look at the door and found that someone was coming out they ran as fast as they  could. But finally they were home.

100 WC by Lillia and Zoe!


Boy 1:He was in my dream last night, he was saying ” ILL BE WATCHING YOU FROM NOW ON!” It freaked me out.

Boy 2:Ok then, lets get out!

Boy 1:Hes got us, theres no escape! what should we do now?

Boy 2:Scream for help!



Gloria:” I will help you.”

Boy 2:W..w… who are you?

Gloria:I am Gloria, and ill get you out of this mess!

Boy 1:I dont trust you, you were also in my dream!

Gloria:Well you should,  I have been sent here to make sure you survive.

Gloria: Hang on, did you mention a dream?

Boy 1: Yes, the one I had last night, I was in this place and you came!

Boy 2: I think your just tired!

Gloria: Oh yes I was in that dream, and I ………………

By: Lillia and Zoe!


100 WC. by Ruth and Shaniece.


Hannah looked confused… “how do you know this place?” she mentioned.

“never mind” replied Joe. They both looked closely in the window and the mystery person desepered. “what now?” asked Hannah.

“we need to go!” Joe grabed Hannah’s arm and sprinted down the road although it was dark and they couldnt see a single thing. The town was deserted and abanded. “why did we even come here?” whispered Hannah

“To find the people who disapered, but this cant be the town, like i’ve said i have already been here!”

Still running, they both suddenly bumped into the strange man… “i have been looking for you”

The man look tired and his eyes droped down like he had’nt had any sleep, he also had rotten yellow teeth as big as a over-sized beetle. How will they escape now?…

100WC by Abi and Ashleigh


Willow shouts ” NO” she runs up and brakes the door. She see’s the man. Jacob whispered “it’s Calum be careful he’s got a gun.” Willow watches in feeling confident. She sneaked up the stairs and hides in the cupboard. Jacob has disappeared. Willow found some bullets. She heard a someone coming up the stairs. She climbed  out the cupboard carrying Calums gun. She turns round and its Jacob. Willow runs up and gives him a hug. Willow mouthed “run”. They get a gun each and run down stairs and sees a man tide up in there kitchen they un tide him and asked for his name. There was a BANG ……………………………….

100wc by Emily and Chloe


Lucy and Patric started to run away from the old, abandened house. ” Why is that person watching us?”

” It’s freaking me out!”

” that noise is driving me mad!” Said Lucy

” what is that noise?” Said patric

” we’ll what ever it is let’s just ignor it and find out who that person is”

” agreed”

Patric and Lucy were determined to find out who that person was so they searched the whole  neighborhood .The  last place they agreed to search was the Pizza Hut

The place was deserted and lonely, suddenly Lucy and Patric crashed in to the man what they were looking for…

100 word challenge by Sarah and Grace


As me and Joe ran away,the creepy man followed us… as we were running I asked who he was ,Joe nervously replied: “Well,Every night before i get in bed I look out of the window and I see his face.” As we ran through a beautiful forest we came across a hidden dip of quicksand, and struggling to get out we found a poor man and a dog. He said that he had seen the mysterious monster too. But we didn’t have any spare time to talk as the evil creature was catching up with us. What would we do now?…

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