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100 word challenge by lillia


one sunny Sunday  my big sister , Lucy ,  was driving me to the  stables. But then all of a sudden the car stopped suddenly. Me and Lucy went flying forward then we looked at each other looking rather shocked. I slowly got out the car to see what all the fuss was about once i  reached the front of the line i saw this horse rearing up in the middle of the road.  I thought for a second them shouted out ” that’s sandy from ivy lane”. Slowly I walked up to him and tried to carm him down.But sadly it failed he just went even more crazy then kicked me and knocked me other on to the road. Quickly i got up and ran back to my sisters red car i grabbed my phone out of my bag and dialed 078936532 which was ivy lane  ridding schools number.

The car stopped suddenly – by holly


We was coming back from shopping and the car stopped suddenly because the lolly pop lady stopped us. a strange old man walked across the road. As he was passing our car he stopped and looked me straight in the eye.  I felt nervous and crouched lower in my chair. All of a suden the sky went perfect blue and a rainbow appeared.  The man winked at me as if to say i did that by magic powers. I said ” can you do other magic things”. He gave me a coin and said i had three wishes. I was excited. Now what shall i wish for ………

The car stopped suddenly by jessie


One day a little girl called Rebecca and her mum Ruth went out shopping. Rebecca and her mum lived in New York, so they have lots of shops to choose from.  They jumped in the car and drove away, suddenly it started to snow but they kept on going Rebecca and her mum new that it was quite a long way away. Then they got further and further suddenly the car stopped and they were in the middle of   nowhere they got out of the car but did not know what to do, they had know mobile phone. Then behind them a shadow appeared!!!!

My 100 word challenge by Charlotte


One day me and my family went for a drive. When we had just reached the middle of nowhere, the car stopped suddenly. “Oh no!” We all cried. Everyone went off to find help, while I looked after the car. I lifted up the bonnet. Amazingly, instead of the engine, there was lots of bubbles!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I remembered back to last summer…I had some bubble mixture and, by accident, tipped it into the engine. When my family came back, I told them. Then sadly we pushed the car all the way home!

100 word by George


My car stopped suddenly,
And it was so scarly,
Because it was so dark,
And I could hear the dogs bark,
I rang for help first,
Before I was about to burst,
I started to see help come,
But they did not come,
They crept on driving past,
They were going so fast,
I got really sad,
And went so mad,
And I look down on the screen,
And saw I had no petrol.
So I it alone,
Were it belone.

100 word challenge by Ruth


the car stopped suddenly, as ahead was big traffic. ” I wonder what’s causing all the hassle?” said Lucy confusingly. she squinched her eyes, so she can see closer, and to her surprise a car had crashed into another car as the car at the front was slowing down, but the back one was really fast and didn’t pay any attention at all! 

mum thought ” how are we going to get to the shop’s then, there aint no short cuts at all! they waited and waited  untill then the traffic moved along more and more…….. and more and the crash had gone it had been all cleand up so they got to the shop eventually.

The Key – Part 3


I thought we should follow the smoke.  “Come on Jake, the last one there is the rotten egg!” I said, pointing at the smoke.

“Hey wait up” Jake shouted excitedly.

“Whoa” I shouted, “be careful of the mud patch.”

But I was too late, Jake went head first into the mud.

I said, laughing, “come on then, you don’t have time for a mud bath.”

He looked like a gloopy mud monster.

We bumped into some people near the trees, they were wearing old and scraggy clothes.   I asked “Where is the smoke coming from and can you take us there?”

The villager replied, “the smoke is coming from the main hall and yes of course I can take you there but first we need to get you into normal clothes and maybe a bath for this one.”

they didnt mention that on the packet by holly


I went shopping with my mum and brother, and we decided we wanted to make a cake for my dads birthday. We got eggs butter and flour.  Mum said “this flour is different from the one i usually have” but they didnt have any more so we went home.  We made the cake and mum put it in the oven.  After 20 mins i went to check on the cake. I was shocked it had filled the whole oven. Mum came in and said “it must be the flour”. Strange they didnt mention that on the packet that is was huge rising flour. Oh well we didnt mind we had loads of cake to eat and it was yummy.  The end

100 word challenge by Charlottte.


One day I went to the local shop to buy some biscuits and bottles of coke cola.So I went back to my house to set up a party for me!(By sneaking a packet of biscuits up to my room.) Later I went up stairs and grabbed the packet YUM! Strangely, when I opened the packet, instead of biscuits there was peas!!! I closed my eyes but still frozen peas. I went back to the shop and told the man. He was surprised! On his computer he looked this up. Apparently the peas and biscuits taste the same…wow! But it didnt say that on the packet!

my hoilday so far


My hoilday so far is alright, i have had my nails painted and the colour is red and playled on our bikes and had a bike ride. After that Emily, my sister, and myself played in our big room. Later on in the evening i got sooo…… bored so i started writing poems to amuse myself. Then i had tea , my mum said that i could sleep on the sofa or my bed and i chose the sofa even though its really uncomfortable 🙂 the next day about tea time i stroked my cats ,my cats are called tommy and dino there are really cute 🙂

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