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All about Miss Gostelow


Miss Gostelow helps Miss Squires and class 5 alot.

Miss Gostelow does lots of brilliant displays, they go up really quickly and she does lots of jobs.

Miss Gostelow is funny and good fun.

Miss Gostleow and Miss Squires make class 5 fun.

By Robert

all about miss Squires by Robert


She does fun things with us like good school trips, such as the cinema. We do alot of work with cameras, filming is great.

Miss Squires has a  nickname which is little miss giggles.
Miss Squires really likes listening to our jokes.

Class 5 is great with Miss Squires and Miss Gostelow.
by  Robert

Samba Drumming by Lydia


Dear Mary,

We all know that Samba Drumming is the best, don’t we? From the evidence of past experience, we know that you love doing fun things. From your blog you tell us a lot about what you do, which all sound very fun indeed. Do you know where Samba Drumming comes from?

Reasons why you should take part

You learn loads of songs and games, such as: ‘drunken sailor,’ ‘down in the jungle’ ‘7 and out’, ‘don’t clap this one back’, and ‘copycats’. It’s so noisey, which I think the children at your school would love! The good experience is 100% definitely worth the money (paid for by the school, not the children) and the time. Plus, it does not cost a lot for a one hour session every week.

Further information

It is run by the Lincolnshire County Council, which have loads of fun teachers. Our one was extremely fun and cheereful. His name was Mr. S. Lots of Year 5 concentrated hard and were very inspired by it. At the end we had learned lots of grooves, such as the Hip Hop Groove and the Balacarva Groove.

Our experience

The instruments are called the Go-go bell, tamborine, ganza and surdo. We all know they originate from Brazil, South America. It is something which is amazinly fun. However, some people might argue that it is too loud, so I recommend it to older children.

I think I have shown you that you should take up Samba drumming in your school.

Yours sincerly,


Why you should do Samba Drumming


Dear Mr Siddle,

Have you ever heard of Samba drumming? I bet your class would love it! We ALL know that your class like to make lots of noise. This would really suit them.

Samba drumming is from Brazil. Since they are from Brazil you and your class will get to experience instruments from other countries. It isn’t just about drumming, there are other instruments that we use such as, Go-go bells, Ganzas, Tamborins and Surdos.

You should have Samba drumming in your school because it will teach you and your class songs, dances and games, not just music! This will put a smile on your class’ face and will teach them lots of things. Only a fool would think it was lame of boring!

Imagine how happy it would make your class if you gave them this AMAZING experience! So just have a think. No, don’t even do that….just let them have a go!

Yours sincerly,


at my mums


at my mums she has all ready put her christmas things up there is things all over the roof she has candy on her christmas tree they are VERY yummy


how much I loved we will rock you performance by Ruth


the reason why i loved the performance was because i love queen ( especially Freddy!!!). queen is my best band ever, they are so great at making music, like bohemian rhapsody, another one bites the dust, dont stop me now,we will rock you,we are the champions, radio go go, killer queen and crazy little thing called love. i know lots of queen songs all because i love them!!. i knew queen since i was 6 and i know all the lyrics to dont stop me now, crazy little thing called love and bohemian rhapsody. how cool is that!. i did like the performance very much.


thanks for reading!!!!.      please leave a comment!

junior to future squad by lillia


Today at swimming i passed the 8 x 11 test that means you have to do 100 metes front crawl (4 lengths) under 2:30 8 times. I had passed the rest of the tests so this was all i had to pass, i was so pleased with my self. I’m now in the future squad im so so so happy  after being in juniors for 9 months im now a future.

by lillia in y5

my dance exam by lillia


On Sunday at 11:25 am im going to Stickney Youth Hall to do my dance exam. I am so scared, nervous and excited about it. I hope i do well though. Im now on gold so im doing for disco dances, my ballet exam is in march. Ive been dancing since i was 3 and ive loved it all my life. Even though ive done loads of exams and shows im still frightened.

Wish me luck!

my weekend by nathan


When i got home  from school on Friday night, Dave dropped me off at my football buddie Mason’s house for a sleep over with my cousin Jayden and Harry as it was Mason birthday. We had lots of fun watching a DVD  and having a Nurf gun fight. Then on Saturday morning we all went to watch Mason, Jayden and Harry do cross country we could see Harry in his pink t shirt. At  Boston high  school it was 2 laps i dropped Jay’s boot bag in a puddle! After that we went to Mcdonalds for dinner, then we all went to see Nativity2… it  was boring .

On Sunday i got up really early as i went fishing with Dave and Kenny. We had bacon sandwiches at the pub Kenny came first and dave came last ha ha ha .In the afternoon i played football we played in sleaford on the way they was a big accident it was not nice ‘but we won again 4-2 ‘.

Donna nook 2012 by Lillia


On Saturday i went to see the seals at Donna  Nook with my Nanny, Granddad, mum and also Oliver (my brother). I thought the seals were so cute  so did the rest of us. Me and all my family had a blast looking at the baby pups and grown up seals.  When we went to the shop my nanny bought me a little white pup teddy and a note pad i’ve named  my pup sally.


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