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my dog marley


My dog Marley is a kind, loving animal. She would never hurt you and never bite you. She is the best dog in the world to me. i hope people see my blog thank you


Safari Art in Year 5


A Windy Day


Today is a mystery because the day is so windy but if the wind stops me, Dad and Daniel will be going on a bike ride or I might play with my kite later.  In the field behind my house, I can see the grass rippling like water flowing in a river.  The wind is blowing the trees like mad and it is so windy there are no birds flying in the sky.

In the end we went swimming and we tried to sink a float and stand on it but when Dad got off me and Dan fell off it as it shot back to the surface again.

my duck harley


Harley  is a loving berry duck, people call him Goosey because he is as big  as one. Once (secretly) i put him in the bath because dad hasn’t made him a pond yet unfortuntly, so asked him to and he’s going to do it on Saturday.

My cats by Natasha


My cats are very lazy. They are called Bramble and Jester and I Love them

Bike Ride


Yesterday me, Father and Daniel all went on the longest bike ride that I have ever been on. It took us about one hour to complete and Daniel’s legs were aching all the way home. This is my Dad’s first bike ride for a long time because of Daniel was too unstable on his bike. Suddenly, we heard loud gushing water. I cycled round the corner and saw a tiny but noisy waterfall. Just near the waterfall was a swan’s nest, I wonder if they can’t go to sleep because of the noisy waterfall.

Things to look forward to….


Hello children, parents and visitors.

– This week in Literacy we are using our class storyboard to write a Tinga Tinga-inspired story.

– OnMonday afternoon we are having a carousel of art activities based on safari animals.

– On Friday we are having an ‘Indian Experience Day’. We have a special visitor coming in too! In Numeracy we are using menus from Indian take-aways to add the cost of different dishes and dividing the total price to find the cost per person.

Due to our WOW day, we are having Big Write on Thursday this week. Your task is to write an informative report on Lincolnshire – your task will be given out on Monday.  We will also be deciding what we would like to include in our Class Assembly (which is next week). We have a lot of things we could talk about! What do you think we should definitely show and mention?

Miss Squires

what i like about year 5 by lillia


The thing i like most is the fun lessons we get t0 do then its my teacher, but i love the lessons so much. Yesterday we watched some of two brothers which is about a tiger who has two fluffy cubs. its very sad. i also like art as we make pretty things.i miss miss hall and miss grooby who was with in year 4 i want to see them both.

This is why i love year 5.                                                                                               @ by lillia@


my cat by holly


My cat Lola is a lovely little thing, always jumping about catching mic! I let her in the shed to catch them. I hope she lives for a long time. She has 1 brother and sister who she still sees. Her name is Lola shes 1 year old.

my day at school ! by olivian5


on Tuesday 12th of November

in school today i walked in to school and joined my amazing friends  and we all played tag together . When i went inside the whole class started to do mathes . For mathes we made a brilliant tally chat in are books  it was based on bread form your commets  the most popular bread was garlic bread the least popular was hegehog bread .After maths we went to assembly and watched class 3’s assembly thats where they all show what they have been doing over last few weeks . We had are break then litrecy  are L:O

was to write a paragraph about tigers lunch time had our lunch had a break and did some topic then HOME TIME


p.s thankyou for voting your favourite bread !!!!!!!


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