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Things to look forward to this week….


Dear Children, Parents and Visitors,

Here are some of the things we have to look forward to in Year 5 this week….

  • We are going orienteering on Tuesday morning in Boston!
  • In Literacy we are starting a new unit on ‘The Wreck of the Zanzibar’ by Michael Morpurgo.
  • On Friday we have another samba drumming lesson.

Miss Squires

so happy


I’m so happy because ive been here for 4 months without seeing my mom, nan, grandad or my sisters…my Nan is pickimg me up from school 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


green sea turtle by gracec


Swimming around as slow as a snail,

The green sea turtle has a tiny tail.

His shell as hard as a brickwall,

It signals its friends with a moaning call.


In all, it is a primitive creature,

But it also has a surprizing feature.

When they need to go to bed,

they poke there tiny little head.

Inside their rock hard brick-like shell,

they have a very stinky smell.


Their worst enemy is the eletric eel,

a turtle is there favroute meal.

The eels eat there tiny tail

so they shrivel up like curly kale.

a seahorse poem by emily


The seahorse hides under the boats, behind the rocks he waits and floats.

A seahorse is a silly clown, they entertain then say  ” good bye”!

The seahorse is the  beauty of the sea, they are statues when they look at me.

A seahorse may be kind, but very shy like meeting santa for the first time!


i hope whoever reads this enjoys this!!!

sea lifepoem about a sting ray by Ruth


Under the deep blue all of the snazzy fish are staring at me.

But theres one big beautiful fish in common that i want to see

I wonder what it could be?

It was as blue as my diving suit,

it was like he was on mute.

i went closer to touch  him

he didnt look grim.

He dug himself out of the sand,

and he swam to a wonderful land.

i said “wait up”

he said” well then, hurry up”


all nice and clean.

The land was amazing with lots of plants as i swam there.

Though i thought i saw a grizzly bear.

Mr sting ray ate lots of fish,

it was like he ate off a giant dish.

Swimming away with a wavey body going up and down,

he said good bye like a silly clown.


They ended up friends…

although this isnt the end.


my hobbies by lillia


i have lots of  hobbies and i really enjoy them all.on a monday i go to stickney  village hall  to do disco wich is a kind of danc.  then on a tuesday i go there again but i do ballet and tap.then on a wednesday and friday and satuday or sunday i go to the swimming pool  in boston for 1 hour of swimming .and evry other week on a  saturday i go to ivy lane ridding school for 3 hours but i dont ride for that long i have a lesson but  for the rest  of the time i muck out the stables and groom.


Using Endless Ocean Wii game to create poems


Year 5 have been using the Endless Ocean Wii game to explore the beautiful underwater world. Using language generated from playing the game, the children worked in pairs to create poems.


George and Harry’s Sealife Poem

Jess’ Sealife Poem

Year 5 Sealife Poetry based on Endless Ocean Wii game


Emily and Elliott’s Sealife Poem

Olivia and Lillia’s Sealife Poem

Rio and Autumn’s Sealife Poem

Things to look forward to this week…


Dear children, Parents and visitors,

Here are some of the things we can look forward to in y5 this week…

– After school clubs begin this week
– We are a short moving image clip of our poetry and art work using PhotoStory3
– It is our turn to look at Holy Spirit Community School’s blog in Australia and find out what they have been learning.

Miss Squires

My birthday by lydia


On monday 3rd of semptember it was my birthday. My sister, Maddy , woke me up at 7 oclock she was so excited for me to open her present. First i opened my brother, Simons , present  he got me  diary of wimpy kid :Rodrick rules and he also got me The boy in the dress.  I can’t remember what my sister got . But my mum and dad got my an ipod  a book, a key ring from when i went on holiday and a little wooden mouse. Nearly all day i spent on my ipod and my birthday cake was delicious it was a chocolate cake.

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