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Maths Quest with Dick and Dom


fair day by Emily


On the 15th of August me and my family went to the fair ground in Skegness. When we got there mum bought us all wristbands that meant we get unlimited rides. Those wristbands cost £9 that is quite cheap because there normally £14.

The ride i most enjoyed was Mouse Trap. The worst part about it was every time you go round corners you bang your head really hard! Plan A: take a crash helmet! Do u thing that would work?!

pool day


On the 8th of August James, Sam, Olivia and me all got very board inside the house so we all thought we should go outside to play in the garden. But instead of playing with things outside like the swing set and the football we all ended  up diving  boming  and splashing in the pool with sun cream all over us!!!!!

In the pool we all tried to make a whirlpool  and, to my surprise, it acturly worked! We made a very strong whirlpool, it was that strong that it tipped the ladder over!

A day at skegness by Emily


Last week we went to skegness. First we went to the arcade, i won a nice sparkling  ristband and Sam and James won a toy car and a ginger bread man  made of metal. Next we all went to the chippy and bought some chips we were lucky we just got in before closing  time!

After, we all had some food we all went to the beach for a walk. On the walk we found some amazing sand models one was a turtle and one was a dolphin, i sat on one and it broke!!! Half way through the walk James said “can i go for a paddle?” and mum said “yes,” so we all went for a paddle it turned out to be splashing each other though!!!

The Wedding Rehearsal by Harry H


On tuesday, the 7th  August 2012, it was my mum’s and Chris’s wedding rehersal. At 10 AM me and josh was first of all the kids to wake up. The rest of the morning was uneventful, with the most “exiting” thing  being ‘girly’ shopping. Meanwhile, my sisters went to snipe dales and their nans, with our babysitter, beth. We went shopping for dresses for my grandmother and shoes. ( How many shoes does a girl need?) then me and Josh went to get are hair cut. We both had versions of short back and sides. After that we went to kfc and had the boneless box!! It was epic!!!  We went food shopping at bookers, and we spent a lot !! But, compared to others, it was a small shop, and there were giant trollies.

After the shopping, we went to our grandma’s, and josh played on his pc!! Then, early in the evening, we went to the Revesby church. I am a usher like my uncle, and josh is the ring bearer.( josh would now like to be called frodo, or the ringbearer) I think that I have the hardest  job!!! Then we went home. and went to sleep.

The wedding will be on the 15th of august in the revesby church.

* Please reply, how many shoes does a girl need?

my holidays


in the holidays I  had a bouncy castle on the 6th of august it was the biggest  bouncy slide it was fun when it was raining



I am looking forward to go to class 5.I hope we have a happy year in class 5 and enjoy it with our class and teacher I hope we have a fun year

by zoe

revsby show


on the 5th of august  me my mum sarah and her mum went to revsby show and oliver my brother was showing  a shire horse witch is a kind of heavy horse


sarah came round at about 9:30 and we were strait of  it only took roughly 5 mins from our house.


the first thing we  did was watch all the tiny ponnies jumping then went over to see oliver and  after that we looked  at all the stalls i brought  a door plate thing witch said lillia on.


at 12:15  we wnt back to the car to the car  to eat are lunch we  had pasta salad.


as soon as oliver went in to show it started to rain heavly so we all took shelter in the horse box then all of a sudden started thundering and lightning

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