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Year 5’s LAFTA entry


Year 5’s film work, based on their report writing literacy unit. Year 5 investigated a crime scene to inspire their report writing.



Don’t forget to check your blog posts to see if anyone had let you a comment. It is a great feeling knowing we are writing to a worldwide audience and people are interested in what you guys have to say. If you have a comment on your post, try to write your reply on sentences. Somebody who is working at the Olympics commented!!

ivy lane ridding school by Lillia


Hi everyone
I go ridding at ivy lane in Coningsby. Me and my brother both go every other saturday but he did not go to day as he was at his mates. We have gone for 4 years now. We go 9:30-1:15.

I always ride a horse called Sandy i really do love him. But when i rode him today, every time after i trotted round he started limping then 1 time he went down on his front to legs. After that i was scared. I trotted round again but when i finished Sandy laid down. By then, i was terrified…i just jumped off  in shock.

I had to take him out and ride wizord who had only just came out of a lesson.

There’s already 3 horses there who have got collic: Bella  Breeze and Cam. But Sandy and Cam are my 2 top fave ponies so i hope Sandy does not get collic or have it.

london 2012 olympics by Lillia


i cant belive it already the second day of the olympics.I watched the swimming last night and they were amazing.

Im really looking forward to the riding and swimming.

London Olympics 2012


Following the opening ceremony, the 2012 Olympics in London has begun! If you follow any of the games or have a particular interest in any of the sports, write a blog post and let us know! In September we shall be part of a Quadblog with a school in the UK, America and Australia. They will love to know your views and experiences of the London Olympics.

You could include sentences on:
– What your favourite sports are and why,
– Who are your sporting role models and why,
– Who you think will achieve gold medals,
– What you like best about the Olympics.

my best friend harry by george


I like harry because he is soooo funny he makes everybody happy he all ways  full of exsitemant when we’re playing running games.I’ve had lots of best friends but harry is one of the best I’ve had.

my holiday by george


I’ve gone to Guernsey(channel islands) for my holiday. I go to Guernsey every year. Guernsey is like paradise, it is so hot but it’s annoying because the swimming pool is closed. it’s bad because there are slides there are so long they go out of the building. But guernsey has lots of adventureous stuff to do.

Story Writing Competition


In year 5 we do lots of work on interesting writing. Last year, year 5 watched Frozen Planet to learn about seals and penguins. We visited Natureland and made a short film which is on the school website. This year, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo books. He has designed a competition for you to finish the rest of his seal story. I thiught this would be a fantastic opportunity for you if you wanted to enter.

Here are the details:

Good luck!
Miss Squires

Want to make your writing more interesting to read? Here are 6 different sentence openers by Year 5


It’s almost time by Lillia


yey just 2 more days till the holiday i cant wait to go to y5 as im looking  forward to skyping   and going on the will and the holidays im going to france for a week. my mum said to me i day of the holiday we get to choice what we want to do on are day but all kids have to come.toby wants to go to the deep i dont know where i want to go.but i do know im happy to have a holiday.

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