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Year 5 visit to Giles


On Friday the 29th of June year 5, Miss Riley and Miss Squires went on the bus to Giles academy in Old Leake. We did a science session a art session and a swimming session. In science we did lots of experiments like a experiment called the screaming  jelly baby. The screaming jelly baby is were you make a jelly baby scream by killing it but its not a shriek. In swimming me, Jack, and Thomas were playing volley ball. To sum all this up it was great:)

Giles Academy by ellie


On friday the 29th of june year five went to the Giles Academy in Old Leake to do some sience, art and SWIMMING!

When we got there we where split into two groups and led into the school up some stairs and into seperate sience labs. Firstly we learnt about diffrent liquids that we would be using then we burnt out a candle using gas also we killed a jelly baby, mmwwa ha ha ha then we put a powder in with some blue liquid left it for 20 minutes and it turned clear but when we gave it a shake it went blue again. they set fire to a long stick and put it next to a bottle filled with liquids and it made a loud bang and made lift off like a rocket!

In art we rolled paint onto a peice of paper, A3, and put an A4 peice on top we then traced a picture ove of either wenderlock or manderville from the oylimpics it was very fun!

Swimming was the best first all of us did 2 lenghs to check if we could swim so me abbie, courtney,mary,kaci and some of the boys did a 5 minute swim session then went to play with the others we held hands and jumped in then we got changed an went back to school.

Giles academy (29th)


Earlier this morning at Giles we had a science, art, and swimming lesson my faviorate was science.


In our science lesson we did a range of diferent experiments including: changing the colour of cemicals, making jelly babies scream and making rockets out of bottles. My best part of the day was science because it was really exciting! I liked the effect of what they called “elephant tooth paste” as it fizzed up and over the top of the container.


For our art lesson we did a type of art called mono printing and our image was of  the olympic mascots.


We were aloud to do whatever we wanted to do

The Thunder storm in stickney by ellie


On Thursday the 28th of June a horrendous thunder storm hit Stickney at around 3:40.  It started when we all left school at three fifteen. You could hear thunder like a giant drum and lightning was an illusional sight.

Grace, Pippy,my Nanny and I got into the house just in time. The thunder and lightning grew worse then the rain came on it was a little bit scary as the rain was really heavy now also it had started raining little blocks of ice as big as a ten pence piece! Puddles were forming at a fast rate.

When the storm stopped , after around an hour, Grace Pippy Courtney and I went to the park. To check out part of Stickney on the way, I nipped round to sarah’s. WOW! The front of her house was flooded so Grace and I helped for a bit, it was hard work and sarah had worked up a sweat. The passage from Sarah’s estate to the park was filled with around 6cm of water . Amazingly the school field had two colossal puddles in it. One about 7 metres across by 5cm deep and another one farther out which I don’t really know. I was speechless. My mummy was working in Skegness and she was up to her ankles in water. The thunder, lighting and rain had been in Skegness, but my daddy was working in spalding and came home bone dry! Also a tornado went through sleaford!

I hope nobody else was effected badly by the thunder storm in Stickney.

B.L.N.C by Claire


On the 26 th of June i went to b.l.n.c which stands for Boston learning network center. We went to give a work shop and look at other schools and what they have done. We did our work shop on reading and read write inc.  We had the ks1s doing read write inc. They had  to play the teacher and read out what the words on the cards.

skyping by James and rebecca


On Tuesday ,19th June some of year 5 come in early to skype to a school in Shanghai. We eventually got in contact with the other school .Sitting on the floor we asked them lots of questions, here is a example: do  you keep any pets?  They keep turtles but not many keep many more pets . When we skyped them it was their home time and the start of our day.

What it would feel like if I won an olympic medal by Abbie


Feeling anxious I went off to compete in the extrordinary 100m sprint. Crouching in the starting position, the stadiom went exstremly queit, then… BANG!! I started to run and run.  The pounding footsteps of the other athletes drummed in my ears, getting louder and louder. My eyes only looking at my destination of the finishing line. I ran as fast as I could, the noise of the spectators drowned out my my heart beating. As I crossed the line, daring to look up, my name flashed on the board. I was first. Oh my god, I was first. The other athletes began to surround me.  I’ve got the Gold.

Finally it was time to be presented with the medal. On hearing my name, I stood up on to the podium, waving to my family and supporters in the crowd. Feeling apprehensive, I bend down for the  medal to be placed around my neck. My heart  beating as fast as a cheetah, even quicker than it had when I had been running. The smile on my face refuses to fade. Upon hearing the national anthum, I feel like bursting with pride. I had won a gold medal for my country. I can’t stop thinking that this is probably all a dream and that I will wake up soon.

Y5 Maths Challenge


On Monday the 18th of may me, Jess, Tom and Owen traveled to carlton road primary school for a maths challenge. Miss squires was very proud of us when we came 5th out of 11 other schools. It was a very fun and challenging experience for us. At the end we all got certificates. Owen said they smelled of jelly beans last time but they smelled horrible. We got a drink of orange or apple and blackcurrant squash. There was 4 rounds of the competition.

Winning an Olympic medal by mary


If I won an Olympic medal I would feel:

Proud for my country, proud of myself, extremely happy, fantasticly excited, very pleased for myself and amazed.

year 5 dojo’s by aaron and colby


Year 5 has got the new dojo.

We have got an  avatar for children in year 5. We told Mrs Willerton about it and she said that her class are going to do it as well!

We  get points for positives, these are for: trying  your best, presentation, homework, discussion and ideas, good manners, helping others and listening well.

We also get points deducted for  negatives. These are for disruption, disrespect, interrupting and getting out of chair.

We have all got different monsters and so far we have already had rewards for maths and literacy.

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