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What is toxic waste made of? By Jordan


Toxic waste is made of lots of different rubbish like  bottles and packets. When melted it turns in to a liguid which is toxic waste.

Tuesday Topic afternoon – personalised learning


On Tueday afternoon, Year 5 continued learning about rivers. However, there was a difference. We all thought about how we learn best and chose appropriate activities to demonstrate our learning. This is because we know we all learn in different ways. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Some of us created models of a river, other children made animations and some children designed a poster. There were children who wrote about rivers, some children researched using the computer and others used information books.

What did you enjoy about your learning and what did you achieve?

Our afternoon about Rivers by Kaci West


Down by the River…..

The Ducks swim up to the bank, hoping to be fed. A moter cruiser ties up at the Jetty, after a Boat trip.

What do you like doing by the River?
Have you stood on a brige over a River and watched the water flowing underneath.

What is the Mouth of all the Rivers?
The mouth of all the Rivers is the sea because the sea is a wider space.All of the Rivers end up at the sea.

Were do Rivers come from?
After rain, water runs down the hill sides and finds diches and like floods the dich and rises thats how there are so many Rivers around where you live right now!!! So try and look for a river and see what wild life you find.

Amazing Facts
The River Thames is 215 miles long and has been an important trade root through out it’s history.
The longest River in the world is the world is the River Nile, it reaches around 6650 killermeters in length (4132 miles).

Quadblogging Annoucement!


I have some exciting news for you! Year 5 are really lucky to have the opportunity to link with other blogging schools around the globe. We are now joined with schools in the USA, New Zealand and another UK school.

What is Quadblogging?
Each week one blog is the focus blog with the other three blogs visiting and commenting during that week. In week two, another school/class blog is the focus with the other three visiting and commenting. This is repeated until each of the classes/schools has had their week in the spotlight. The cycle is then repeated.

I am sure you will be working extra hard to put work onto the blog, or post interesting writing for our quadbuddies to read! We are having a ‘Mad About Maths’ day on Wednesday…perhaps we will have lots of photos, videos and posts about our learning!

I am looking forward to reading your comments, thoughts and ideas!

Our Whole Class Reward by Jessica


Year 5 got all 30 space stickers, because of this we all got to play with the parachute ,it was very fun. A paracute is a colossal bit of fabric with handles. Therefore it is very easy to grip hold of and not rip. You can play very exciting games with a lot of people. For example, cat and mouse, washing machine, toadstool and sharks and fishes. The whole class had fun taking in turns to run under the parachute. Everyone enjoyed playing the games and waving the parachute about.

Report by mr J.Coney


Jordan Coney, aged 9, started his marathon book read yestaday. He is reading Beast Quest and plans to read the whole collection of the books in a week!

Using the Wii in Numeracy – how do you feel about your learning?


Last week we started to use the Wii to enhance our Numeracy learning. Today we played a game of bowling on Wii Sports. Year 5 took turns to play, and at the moment we have four controllers and a fairly small numeracy group. Using whiteboards, the children worked together to keep scores. We had some particuarly impressive suggestions as to what we could do with the data. We discussed ways of showing the data efficiently in a graph. After the game we had time to develop questions to ask each other about the data we collected through playing.
How do you think it has helped with your learning?

kaci’s easter holiday!!! Made by Kaci west


It was the first week of my holiday and I was going to Banham zoo in our family caravan. It was 2 hours to travel there. We amused ourselfs by playing on our ds’i xl and music.
By the time we got there we were unpacking, in a flash our famliy and friends were there. Through the time it was the next day and we were going to the zoo, at the zoo we saw:
and much much more!!!

By the time the holiday eneded we had to go to Flag meating. A Flag meeting is were the people tell you when to get off the site because we were on a Rally with the Marshalls.
made by Kaci West

my aunt and uncles wedding!!! by amber sivill


It was Thursday and we were going to Nanna and Grandad’s house for a few days. We were getting in the claret red truck when my brother said “Ive forgot something” as usual, my dad sent him in to go and get it. I was sitting in the back of the truck waiting. It seemed like hours but at least we hadnt set off beause it felt more like years when we set off! It takes two hours from nanna and grandads house to our house or the other way round.
Finally we had set off the day was lovely the sky was a crystal clear blue, the grass was as green as ever, the wildlife was so alive! It was as if it wasnt going to rain, thats what we all wished but we might be or they might be wrong. We got to Mcdonalds amnd thought we might aswell have breakfast there.
Soon after we had breakfast I wanted to go to sleep so I got a blanket (my blanket) you see I had one in the back because I forgot to put it in the caravan. Soon we got to the deeer it means theres only twenty minutes to go till nanna and grandads. Obviously its not a real deeer, its a wooden deer with a silver pole trailing down its chest and lost of wooden steps crawling up its back. “Look” my mum said, its the deer nanna and grandads house is only twenty or so minutes away but its not exactly twenty minutes away because we estimated it was twenty or twenty something minutes away. Anyway soon we got to nanna and grandads. It was nearly time to go and get our hair cut we said hello to everyone and off we went to my auntie sues house, shes my cousin sian’s mum, and shes a hairdresser. Shes going to cut our hair mine, sinead(my cousin) and me finally we got there after boring hours of sinead and my mum getting their hair done.
Sian did my nails while my mum had her hair done, and when my mum had finished she went to the wedding early, while sue did my hair in a bob. Then she took me to nanna and grandads to get ready. After that I got ready and we went to ther party after the weddding we werent aloud to go because it was too boring. The party went on for hours I had some drinks went to the disco had some dinner and had an awsome night! I danced with sinead and with maria and bob my aunt and uncle (the bride and groom) I had some coke, I was wearing a fushia pink dress, silver shoes s]and lots of jewlery. Anyway I had an awesome night i also played with my cousin Jemma!!!!!

A day at white post farm by courtney


Subsequently as we turned up i found a a reptile place which had loads of baby reptiles expecially some spiders. But scrustising around i found a baby lizard ; you could stroke it. The lizard felt like touching pavement which was very dry. As we went back outside, i saw a place which had sheep, goats and allsorts of animals in. But as my cousins went to look what was on the other side of the square a goat jumped up and she was very frightend it made her jump, it was like an illusion. We went to a indoor sledging place and we also could hold a Chick, Mouse and a guinia pig they felt very soft and cuddley. After holding the animals i went to the indoor sledging place and you could go sit on a circle sledge and slide down. I span around loads of times and landed with my back facing the front. I went for a macdonalds and took my cousins home i had a very fun day today.

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