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After the tree had fallen…by Courtney


Scrutinizing the green, colossal tree which had fallen on the old, rusty, ancient train track were three children. Peter, Phyllis and Roberta were wondering if they were being naughty, as they were walking on the track. Far away in the distance, on a high green hill which was as green as a pretty leaf, there stood a Russian man who was going for his morning silent and joyful walk. The Russian man was glimpsing at his charmingly new black shoes, which he polished the other day.

Roberta bellowed, at the top of her voice, a great booming “HELP!” As the Russian man looked around, he glanced up and found Roberta holding a right red cloth. It was as red as the bright sun when dawn arrives. Roberta’s face looked quite perplexed. But when the Russian man saw the tree on the track he ran over to help lift it.

As the Russian man ran over rapidly to help, Roberta said “our beautiful tree has just fallen down. I wonder what we are going to do?” The Russian man replied and said, “wel with my strong muscles and a bit of help we will be sure to lift the colossal tree up.” Next they lifted the colossal tree. So the birds and all the other pocket sized animals could smell the beautiful leaves on the vast tree. They picked it up but saw the train coming at a tortoise-like speed. The three children dropped the trees and ran off as fast as a leopard.

As the train came up to the tree, the man pulled the gearstick to make it stop. Two passengers came out of the train and helped the three children pick up the immeasurable tree off the track. After they had carried the tree off the track and up the hill the two people waved goodbye and said thank you. “If we didn’t lift the tree up my heart would have jumped out!” exclaimed Roberta. It was like an illusion.

The Railway Children by Jordan


Please give Jordan’s writing three stars and a wish

The children jogged down the railway track. Suddenly a colossal tree feel over. It sounded like an earthquake and the track was blocked. Waiting for the trembles to stop, the unweary children checked Peter’s watch. Phyllis nearly fainted!

The air was dusty and pinecones were scattered everywhere. The snapped tree was muddy and leaves were on the floor.

‘The day in the life of a lion’ by Claire


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Being as yellow and bright as I am, can be both good and bad, because other animals can see you. Most of the time they run away from me because they think I am nasty. But not all of us are nasty. As a young lion, all I want is some friends.

When I get home from getting food for mama, because she is getting on in the years, I always say that I have seen some young animals playing. But they would not let me play with them. So then papa always overhears, and says “why don’t you just make friends with little lion cubs like you?” But I would not like to because all lion clubs like to do is play fight. I would like some cubs that like hide and seek, but I would like some lion cub friends.

Going to get some food, like always, I see (well I think I see) a lonely horse-like animal. I think I can remember mama reading me a bedtime story about a horse-like creature that is called a zebra. Yes, that’s it. So I went over and said “are you ok?” He started to run. But then I called, “No please stay, I’m not nasty.” So he stayed and I told him that all the other animals run away from me.

The zebra said I have no friends because I don’t like to play fight and I like hide and seek, and things like that. So really I had to find myself a friend that likes what I like, is not a lion cub and will not run away from me. That would be the perfect friend for me.

That day I went home and said to mama that I made a friend that is not a lion cub and does not run away from me. His name is Joe. He has a little sister and a little brother. He is just great!

From that day on, I did not care if other animals were not keen on me because I had Joe my best friend. We stayed friends until we both had families of our own. But the crazy thing was that his son and my son was best friends as they were growing up too!

This has been the story of my life. I hope you have enjoyed it.

Litter Picking by Ellie, Mary and Jess


Today [27.3.12] the class did some litter picking on Stickney school grounds. The council asked Miss Squires to help with the litter picking in our school grounds. Everyone helped. We picked up around the playground, field and the KS1 playground.



After five long hours of sitting down, they called my name ready to fight. With shaking hands and anticipation, I got up and followed my coach dave to the starting point. Like a monkey, I gripped on to the other person’s coat like I have been trained. Then we started to throw one an other. Then the coach shouted “matte”, that means stop. We got up and they handed me my golden medal. It made me feel so happy.

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A day in the life of a… (Lydia’s Big Write)


Can you guess what Lydia is pretending to be? Please comment with your answers, writing in sentences to tell us how Lydia’s writing helped you think of your suggestion. Perhaps you could give three stars and a wish.

Wow this is absolutely amazing up here! I am quite adventurous, so this should be good.

I can see lots of lovely green grass and colossal trees, which look like they could touch the sky. There are children with nets, I am very perplexed at the moment. Beyond the colossal trees I can see smoke wafting up to the sky in a twisting, twirly line. It looked like an illusion.

Dazzled by the smell of smoke, I feel all dizzy and land on the dark brown bench. Sitting at the end of the bench are some kids. Suddenly, I am caught in what I think is a hand with insufficient space. Fluttering wildy to get out, I am let free to a free world again.

The things that I might get up to are amazing! I can hear children screaming loudly and spits and crackles from a bonfire. Nectar tastes quite nice, very sweet as well.

Excitedly, I flew up higher and higher to get away from the children. I feel quite excited about getting my next adventure, hoping that it will be different. Like a brainiac, I thought the best part was tasting the lovely sweet nectar. I have learnt never to go in a park when you are a…!

A day in the life of Greg Heffley…. (Jack’s Big Write)


Please give Jack’s writing three stars and a wish…

I, Greg Heffley, have the worst school anyone could ever even imagine! Since I started going to middle school I have hated it and guess what…I still do!

I’ve already had my growth spurt, so I am the average height. But some people haven’t, like Chirag Gupta. He gets teased and called midget all the time. So I guess I am lucky.

Despite having the worst school ever, I have a weird, but friendly, best friend. His name is Rowley Jefferson. We pull pranks all the time. Our latest prank was on Chirag. We put two mouldy, old bananas on his shoes and he literally slid down to school!

Our new Wii by Jasmin, Grace and Kaci


Following the letter we sent to the PFTA, Year 5 have managed to purchase a fantastic Nintendo Wii. We are really excited to have the Wii because we alreaady use Nintendo DSi’s. However, the Wii is not just for fun. It is also for our learning. For example, Mario Kart could help us develop new settings when we choose the race. It will help us think about different characters. We can also describe what the cars look like and how they would react if they had a problem. In addition, we could use the character’s personality within our stories.

Year 5 believe learning is more than just a pencil and a book. So, the Wii helps us to create new ideas. We think using physical learning will help us behave better because we will be active.

We are really excited and grateful for our Wii. Please comment on our post.

Dance Competition at Haven High by Claire, Caitlin and Courtney


Some kids when to Haven High to dance and see how good we are. Stickney came 4th out of 12 groups, that’s good! Last year we came first so we can not always come first. So we are grateful that we was able to particapate. Although we did not win, we made a mark on the school! To see all the diffrent tpyes of dacne was nice. There was cheerleading and irish danceing, street and old room dancing. We loved it! We had fun. We was happy for all the others schools when we got home.
Claire, Caitlin and Courtney showed the class the dance and they loved it to.

Pricilla Biggadike By Charlotte and Courtney


A singing teacher named Lizz came in to help us learn lots and lots of songs for the Pricilla Biggadike the musical, Lizz came in every Wendsday to help us. In year 5 children there were 7 children who participated, and in year 6 there was 5. Also there were some children from King Edwards school who did it as well. We all went to the High School for our last practist Lizz put us into partners for the song Hungduby workhouse it was very fun. For that song we went round in the audience, we all liked it so much. On the day before we went on the radio and on there we song did she do it. Lizz has asked us to do it again for the reopen of Boston Market and we are all very exicited.

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